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The Belle of the Ball wasn't a slick restoration, nor a runner. It was your ultimate "barn find", the 1959 Scotty's Muffler Service dragster that hasn't seen sunlight in over 50 years. The car was originally built for Billy Scott by his dad Charles but since "The Kid" was only 14 they found another youngster to take the the controls, one Mike Snivley; it was his first ride.

Incredibly the car was listed on Ebay for quite awhile before current owners Scott & Kelly Cochran jumped on it. Although Scott did do some minor cosmetics on the car, it is exactly how it last raced in 1963.

Immediate plans for the rare artifact are still up in the air but we've been assured it will be out in the sun again.

















Bob Muravez and No ID.














For whatever reasons, There were several cars like The Fugitive that didn't partake in the Saturday evening Cacklefest.





Bucky Austin holding court.


Photog Bob Brown flanked by Jerry & his dad, Jesse Schrank


Top Fuel driver and chassis builder Dave Jeffers and NoCal standout Denny Fosberg.


Grand Marshall Rick Stewart and Top Fuel vet Wayne King.


Don Prieto with Jessie and Dan Broussard.


Kenny Logan


Wayne King stayed out on the track Saturday night to get this shot with HHRA Funny Car shoe "Fast Jack" Beckman.



Spider Razon and Sam Chastain with Jeep Hampshire the background.


Roland Leong, Jim Murphy and Frank Rossi.



The powers to be behind Auto Club Famoso Raceway. Blake and John Bowser.


Two guys that go way back, Don Irvin and Larry Sutton.


Orah Mae Millar forced to pose with Dan Kaplan.


Larry Sutton, photog Richard Shute and announcer, Mike English.


The Annual Standard 1320 gang had a much smaller group photo this year. Sadly, more fallout over last years event.


Bob Muravez playing Tarzan with Ingrid Chesworth.





Leong helping out Rian Konno. Although he's officially Jim Murphy's Crew Chief, Roland is the kind of guy who will share his decades of knowledge with most anyone who asks.


The Cute Award went to this little guy who could be seen all over the pits. Note that he has goggles and ear protection.




Dan Kaplan with his late brother Barry's 200 MPH San Fernando Raceway aside Bud Hammer with his 160 MPH shirt.


Joe Schubeck taking it all in.


The cars were allowed to fire up at will.



One of the good guys, Chuck Goebel in the seat of the Yeakel digger.




Roger Lee's Herbert & Brissette AA/FD





A lot of the good stuff got burned up over the weekend.


Two old dogs that go back the the glory days of Lions. Don Ewald and Frank "Root Beer" Hedge.


Walt and Marie Stevens, Dave Stiller and Root Beer.


Frank, Walt, Ruthie Hedge, Marie, Dave, Jim Ige and Don.


Dan Kaplan and Jim Ige who was the driver part of the Ige & Sassa "Sons of the Rising Sun" Jr. Fuel and Top Gas dragsters that did quite well in each class.


Chuck Goebel getting ready for a practice push start.


No ID on the new shoe in Neil O'Kane's Cracklin' Rose Jr. Fuel car.


John Kopenger getting ready in the Ewell, Bell, Stecker & Olson AA/FD



Jim Wearanga in the Varmit.


Wendy Ann Williams on the move.




Wish we had more people/pit shots and if you have any, please send them.
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