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No where substantiates the "Moth to the flame" theory more than the push start part of the Cacklefest program. The more header flames, the more photos. It's not planned that way, ideally all cars would get equal coverage but they don't. It's hectic out there shooting these cars and like moths, photographers are drawn to the flame. It is what it is.

There were some 40 cacklecars on the property but for whatever reasons, the Saturday night headliner fell short. Out of the 26 cars that took part in the parade, only 16 actually push started. Still trying to understand those numbers. Be that as it may, our thanks to those 16 cars that actually fulfilled the legend that is Cacklefest. *4 static starts would make it 20.




























































































Pete Eastwood and Derek Bower.


Two old dogs from the early days of Lions, John Peters and Wayne King.


Multi time NHRA champ, Jerry Ruth.


Dave "Kamikaze" Uyehara


Jesse Schrank


Team Magicar: Dennis Hespeller, Bill Pitts (owner), Larry Fisher, Vince Yamasaki, John Strom, John Phillips and Michael Hespeller.


The Burkholder Bunch.


On behalf of all those who fulfilled their promise to "get it right this time" we hope you enjoyed this year's coverage of the California Hot Rod Reunion and will consider coming back in 2018.




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