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Race Memorial & Cacklefest® Parade

To open the show the the Enductees were introduced leading of with Grand Marshall Kelly Brown. All were riding in some really cool hotrods.








Prior to the start of the carklecar parade it is a tradition to read the names of those who have left us since the 2017 CHRR. Each year the list seems to get longer and this was no exception. It is a sobering reminder of why we have these reunions in the first place. They were read with respect by Bob Frey to a hushed crowd.





The parade was led off by Roger "Riceman" Lee in his Brissette and Sutherland recreation.







Wendy Ann Williams was in her late fathers Syndicate Scuderia A/D.




Robert Reel in the seat of the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA.




Jerry Bivens "Check Mate" AA/FD




Joe Schubeck in his restored AA/FD.





Neil O'Kane in his Cracklin' Rose Jr. Fuel car.





Chuck Goebe getting a turn in the Yeakel Plymouth Spec.






Bob Contorelli AA/FD making its CHRR debut.





John Strom in the seat of Bill Pitts' Magicar.







Bruce Dyda's "Clover Leaf Aviation" Olds powered John Buttera tribute car.





Performance Specialties on the cowl. 515 was assigned to Ron Martin. Beyond that, a mystery.




Ron Stearns in his Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/A




Gary Humenik in the seat of The Imposter.





Waterman & Hampshire AA/FD. No driver ID.





Cacklefest vet Jesse Schrank in the Schrank Bros. BB/FD





Allen & Huff "Woody Trick Car" AA/FD owned and driven by John Hertzig.





Jerry "The King" Ruth in his 1970 Don Long "Business Coupe" AA/FD.






Dave Uyehara back in the seat of the Herbert, Raynor & Bishop AA/FD.





Jim Wearanga in the "Varmit" AA/FD





Ewell, Bell, Stecker & Olson AA/FD.





Sam Chastain in his "Iron Horse" fueler.





Wayne "The Peregrine" King in the Doss-Clayton-King car.





John Peters fabled "Freight Train" AA/GD








Twila Mandella in the static start Shirley Championship car, the only RED on the grounds.




Hangin' on the wall, Bob & Sharon Muravez and Harry"Hand Grenade" Hibler.




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