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Random shots taken over the weekend.




We'll start with thanking Cindy Gibbs and her helpers for once again organizing a very successful Nitro Alumni Auction to Benefit the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum. A special thanks to all those who donated the 125 items up for grabs.









George "The Bushmaster" Schreiber.


Troy Glenn (no relation), keeper of the Schultz & Glenn car with Gerry Glenn, the original driver.


Debra Ousley, her grandson Braylen and John Hale with a shirt we all signed for Geno.


Jerry Ruth


CJ Wendland, Tera Wendland Graves and Jeanna McAbee Wendland


Dennis Prater who owns the Stellings & Hampshire recreation and ex TF driver Don Roberts.


Don Prudhomme


Chris "Maxcackle" Graves with Pam Conrad.


Joel Gruzen and Pam Conrad


Paul Hutchins, Spider Razon and Rocky Gambino


Gerry Glenn, Roger "Riceman" Lee and S&G crew guy.


Steve Scott and Gerry Glenn


Cindy Gibbs and Debra Ousley


Wayne King


Paul Schavrien with Walt and Maria Stevens


Kelly Brown and Lou Gregnetti


John Peters and the Freight Train gang.


Darrell Conrad and Roland Leong


Cheri Glenn and Buddy



Tom McEwen and Bob Muravez


Gary Nastase and Marc Gewertz


Joe Schubeck


Blake Bowser


Bob Muravez and Cory Lee


Corinne ( Corky ) Phillips, wife of John who is repopping the Hampshire/Stokey Dragster got a fire up in the Banshee.


Tim Beebe


Jerry Ruth


Everybodys favorite Brits, Ingrid and Martin Chesworth


The lovely Sharon Muravez volunteers at the CHRR souvenir booth.


The annual Standard 1320 Group photo that I missed yet again.


One of the debut cars that got a lot of attention and praise was the perfectly restored Veney's Vega done by Darrell and Pam Conrad. Years in progress finally came together for the 25th.


















































































Work in progress.




























































WDIFL photog Steve Scott got his first fire-up thanks to the Glenn's in the Schultz & Glenn fueler. Made his entire trip from Texas worthwhile.












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