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Race Memorial & Cacklefest® Parade


Prior to the start of the parade it is a tradition to read the names of those who have left us since the 2015 CHRR. Each year the list seems to get longer and this was no exception. It is a sobering reminder of why we have these reunions in the first place. They were read with respect by Dave McClelland to a hushed crowd.



John Athans
Bill Bailey
George Barris
Hank "The Crank" Bechtloff
George Bolthoff
Bryan Bruhn
Larry Chastain
Art Chrisman
Mike Chysyk
Josh Comstock
Bill Condit
Bill Cox
Dick Crawford
Glenn Cupit
Steve Davidson
Marie Davis
John Dianna
Jimmie Duffy III
Joel Eggers
Chuck Etchells
Jerry Finn
Bob Floch
Bill Frontuto
Jerry Gaskill
Dick Gaylord
Blackie Gejeian
Joe Gerdelman
Ronnie Gram
Roger Gustin
Henry Gutierrez
Dan Haggerty
Dale Hall
Harry Hall
Lee Hallerberg
Richard Heath
Tim Hyatt
Bruce Kamada
Pat Kinne
J.E. Kristek
Ray "Junior" Kurtz
"Coney Island Ralph" Landolfi
Red Lang
Harold "Chub" Lorah
Kenny Lowen
Jack Lufkin
Mark Lyle
Don Mattison
Jimmy Mahan
Gary Meadors
Ed Moore
Jim "Superman" Nicoll
David Parks
John Patrick
George Phillips
Ray Price
Jarmo Pulkkinen
Ronnie Rapp
Ronni Roberts
Louis Senter
Morris Smith
Warren Smith
Jere Stahl
Larry Sullivan
Joe Teuton
Junior Thompson
Jimmy Tice
Jim Travers
Joe Tryson
George Tuers
Jess Tyree
Ora Vasquez
Mike Wagoner
Mike Wales
Sam Wheeler
Ralph Whitworth
Don Wilbur
Johnny Wright
Brock Yates


Following the In Memoriam reading there was a static start tribute to Art Chrisman who dedicated his entire life to drag racing and other motorsports. Mike Chrisman was in the seat.



Big Mac recognized Don Irvin for his tireless service to drag racing, especially his role as the leader of the safety teams that are so good at not only nostalgia NHRA events, but other major races like the March Meet.


Executive Director of the NHRA Motorsports Museum Larry Fisher with volunteer Carolyn Alm who can be found at the souvenir tent.


Steve Gibbs got a surprise when daughter Cindy presented him with a 25th anniversary mural signed by literally hundreds of us thanking Steve for all he's done for the CHRR since day one.






Here are the cars chosen by staff to participate in the cacklefest push-start program. As you have seen in the practice push-start section, there were a number of other worthy cars on the grounds as well.


Pete Eastwood in his Ed Pink Old Master AA/FD led off.




Bill Crosby in his Bobby Langley "Scorpion V" recreation.




Herm Petersen was back in the seat of the Petersen & Fitz AA/FD that is now owned by the World of Speed museum located in Wilsonville, OR.




Dave Uyehara was in the Herbert, Raynor & Bishop AA/FD.




Bucky Austin was in his restored Top Gas car.





Mr.C A/MR no driver ID.





Dan Rini in the Rini Bros. "Canadian" AA/FD





Roger Lee in his Masters & Richter AA/FD recreation.





Paul Broughton in his Comanche AA/FD





Dave Grassi in the Grassi & Austin Top Gas car.





Bill Tidwell in the 1971 John Wiebe AA/FD owned by Wayne Patrick.






Joe Schubeck in his AA/FD




Original driver, Gerry Glenn in the Schultz & Glenn championship AA/FD.





Connie Kalitta "Bounty Hunter" AA/FD with Allen Bridges driving.





Original driver Walt Stevens in the Poacher owned by Paul Schavrien.





Abbott & Spickler with John Abbott Jr. in the seat.




Paul Rossi in the Yeakel Plymouth Spec. AA/FD.





"Fast Jack" Beckman in the Howard Cams "Twin Bear".






Original driver Don Enriquez Adams & Enriquez A/FD.





Dailey & Johnson AA/FD with Hank Johnson driving.





Dave West in his fan favorite Beebe & Mulligan AA/FD.




Jon Rowley in the Allison powered Green Monster A/D.




No ID on the driver in the Waterman & Hampshire AA/FD.





All the way from Australia was the Banshee AA/FD of Ross & Jude Preen who was in the seat for the parade, Ross took over for the push start.







Hairy Burkholder in the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA




Original driver Wayne King in the Doss-Clayton-King AA/FD.





Tony Nancy Sizzler owned by John Neas and driven by Harry Hibler.





Glen Way in the Groundshaker Jr. AA/FA





John Peters "Freight Train" AA/GD - no ID on driver.






Jerry Ruth in his 1969 Don Long car.





Tommy Ivo was back in the seat of Ron Johnson's Tommy Ivo Barnstormer AA/FD.







Ron Stearns in the Ratican-Jackson-Sterns A/A





Safford-Gaide-Ratican A/FD that was driven by the late Kenny Safford.





Bob Muravez in Steve Anderson's Tom Hoover "Fishbowl" AA/FD.





Allen & Huff "Woody Trick Car" AA/FD now owned and driven by John Hertzig.






Rice & Williams AA/FD owned by Bill & Danny Rice with Dan Rice doing the driving.





Back for its fourth CHRR appearance was the gold plated 1971 Peebles & Williams TF car with original driver Chip Woodall in the seat.





The Hustler, being one of the original nine original cars from 2000 that left the remaining five cars to do push starts. First was the Vagabond AA/FD with Jessyka Anderson doing the driving.






The second of the original nine was Ted Cyr's "The Lincoln" with Jimmy Scott doing the driving duties.





The third of the original cars was the Steinegger and Eshenbaugh AA/FD with original driver Al Eshenbaugh in the seat.





The fourth of the 2000 cars was original driver Carl Olson in the Mike Kuhl AA/FD.





The fifth original was the Howard Cams Rattler with original driver Larry Dixon back in the seat. The car is owned by the NHRA Motorsports Museum.





Finally it was the Belle of the Ball, the debut of the newly restored Shelby's Super Snake owned and driven by Don Prudhomme.








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