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Sunday Cackle - Pits 'n People




Prior to the Sunday Self-start Cacklefest the Frantic 4 guys were given the annual "Presentation Award" given by Greg Sharp to the team presenting the most accurate image of race car, push car and crew from the golden age of drag racing. Dennis Holding, Jim Fox and Norm Weekly.


Steve Rutkowski in the Bob's Muffler Spl. B/D.


Dave Jeffers in the twin engine "Black Jack" owned by Walt Austin.







Peter Broadribb in his Moody's Garage D/G which is the only door car in the static Cacklefest. He was grand fathered in and rightfully so.












Cindy Gibbs, Kyle Keck, his dad Russ and Gwen McWilliams. Kyle is crippled by cerebral Palsy but that doesn't stop him from being a avid drag racing fan. When you see him at the digs be sure to say Hi!



Museum PR person, Monique Valadez and her trusty assistant Graciela Sanchez.


Following the static Cacklefest Gwen McWilliams got her first ever push start and she did it in the BankAmericar like a pro.







Here are some random shots from over the weekend. Some have IDs, some don't and some are obvious, others aren't. They are what they are. Enjoy.


For those who remembered to show up, the annual Standard 1320 Group photo was taken in front of the tower.


Tommy Allen, Dominic Cardoza and Jay Carpenter


Team Magicar


















Debra Ousley got a fire-up in the BankAmericar










Geri Tarvin's weekend was almost over before it started. On the trip out from Missouri her car broke in half, literally, just ahead of the front engine mount.



Kato the the rescue. There just happened to be a chassis guy on the property.


Ross Preen, who came all the way from Australia to ride out with Geri then drive the car in the Cacklefest served as a jig.





7 hours and $300.00 later the car was as good as new - probably better.


The Grove on Wednesday afternoon.


Bob Danly, Don Ewald and Ron Johnson


Larry Anderson





"Pop" Bradford


Harley, Geno and Cinder


Few shots from Thursday's Cacklefest meeting.




























Gwen McWilliams arranged for her boyfriend, Ron Huegli, who drives a 7.0 funny car to have a fire-up in John Ewald's Mastercar.






Rod Hynes and the Addict



Geri Tarvin in the seat while Rick McDonald and Ross Preen handle the fuel.



Wayne King and his Drag Racers Inc. group.






On Sunday afternoon the final fire-up of the weekend featured Gwen McWilliams and Cindy Gibbs. No comments necessary.


















Complete Top Fuel and Funny Car coverage



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