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After twelve years the Cacklefest is no longer a novelty but an established big show within a bigger show. The exact number of fans who come to the CHRR strictly for the cacklecars is unknown but all agree it is substantial. The SRO Saturday crowd bears that out. This year the Chamber of Commerce weather didn't hurt matters a bit.

As it was in 2011, Cacklefest was broken up into two programs. Only the push start cars were in the Saturday evening parade and Cacklefest. All the self start cars had to wait until Sunday, before the second round of Top Fuel, to do their show.Most agree that this year's show was the smoothest yet. Over 60 push start cars with only 3 failing to fire and no incidents.

On behalf of all of us who participated this year a huge thank you to those who made it happen. The dedicated staff at the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and their volunteers, John and Blake Bowser and their excellent Famoso crew, Don Irvin and the Safety Safari team and most of all the thousands of fans who, in spite of this horrible economy, still made the trip to our Mecca.

That said, we hope you enjoy our photo coverage of the 2012 CHRR Cacklefest.


Leading off the Cacklefest Parade were the Honorees










Leading off the push start cars was "Stormin Norman" Weekly in the Frantic 4 car of Weekly, Rivero, Fox & Holding. This year was bitter sweet for the team as it was announced that this will be Norm's final appearance at any event. We all hope that doesn't happen.




Kelley Weekly



Bruce Gonzales in the Old Timer AA/FD entry.




Next out was original driver Ronny Hampshire in the 1964 Waterman & Hampshire fueler.



Schrank Bros. BB/FD with original driver Jesse Schrank in the seat.





Don Prieto preferred standing up in the parade. His Hustler VI is on a dolly so no steering is necessary.



Bartlett Bros. & Moore "Gen-u-wine" Top Gas car.




Ash Marshall "Scorcher" AA/FD with Dennis Young aboard.



None other than Bill Tidwell in the Tom McEwen "Tirend" fueler.





The beautiful Anaconda AA/FD with owner Bob Hirsch in the seat.




Original driver Ron Stearns in the Ratican, Jackson & Stearns AA/A




A Cacklefest first timer, Dan Rini's "Canadian" AA/FD.




Original driver Larry Dixon Sr. in the magnificent "Smirnoff" AA/FD.





Bobby Hansen in his Wynn's "Spoiler" AA/FD




Paradise Alley AA/FD with Jim Kirby driving.



Original driver Tommy "The Watchdog" Allen in his Woody Trick Car.




Out of Denver, the Rice & Williams AA/FD. Dwight Salisbury was listed as the driver but this is not him so?




Rod Hynes in the Childs & Albert "Addict".





Roger Lee in his awesome Brissette & Alexander AA/FD.






Bob Frey gracing the CHRR with one of his last jobs as an NHRA announcer as he is retiring after the World Finals.


From Colorado, the Alan Bockla AA/FD with Ken Gupton in the seat.





Geri Tarvin in her Spirit of USA/Australia AA/FD which was driven by Aussie Ross Preen in the push start.





Jay Carpenter's "Southwind III "AA/FD with Dominic Cardoza at the wheel.





Neil O'Kane in his sharp Cracklin' Rose J/F car.





Bowman & Olson AA/FD with Don Bowman driving.





Original driver Roger Garten in the Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA




Tom McIntyre in the Weiss & Larkin Top Gas car.





Canadian Terry Capp in his recently restored 1975 Wheeler Dealer. This is the first RED to be featured at the CHRR Cacklefest and it should be as it truly represents the class TF cars of the 70's. I suspect there will be more of this breed in the future.




Pete Eastwood in his Ed Pink "Old Master" AA/FD.





Kansas John Wiebe with Carl Olson in the seat.




Trevor Larkin's in the Tommy Larkin Tribute Car.




Burkholder Bros. AA/FA with original driver Harry Burkholder in the seat.




Original driver Wayne King in the Doss, Clayton & King AA/FD.





Original driver Red Greth in the famous Speed Sport Special A/MR.





Dave West in his spot on Beebe & Mulligan tribute car.






Kenny Youngblood was back in the seat of the ChiZler.






Part owner Chuck Goebel got his first Cacklefest seat in the Yeakel Plymouth Spl. AA/FD





Bob Frey.... drag racing will miss you.


Original driver Walt Stevens was in "The Poachers".




Next out was John Ewald in his Mastercar AA/FD





Original driver Jerry King in the Cross, Mann & King Jr. Fuel car.




Orignal driver Herm Petersen in the Petersen & Fitz car.





Marvin Graham in the John Wiebe "Violin Car".





None other than Jerry "The King" Ruth in his 1969 Don Long car.





Original driver Don Ewald in the BankAmericar AA/FD.





Gingrass & Dearmore with Alan Webb in the seat.




Original driver Hank Johnson in the Dailey & Johnson AA/FD.





Twin engine AA/FD car the "Black Jack" owned by Walt Austin and driven by Dave Jeffers.




Another twin was Bennie Osborn's "Brand X" AA/GD with John Mullins driving.




Sam Chastain in the Iron Horse AA/FD.




Bennie "Wizard" Osborn with original driver Bennie Osborn up.




Jessica Anderson in the Anderson Family "Vagabond".





Bill Pitts' Winkel, Trapp & Fuller "Magicar" AA/FD . In the parade engine man Rick MacDonald was in the seat but for the push start it was original driver Jeep Hampshire.





Sonny Messner in his Don Garlits Swamp Rat 3 AA/FD.





Last out was Grand Marshall "TV Tommy" Ivo in Ron Johnson's "Barnstormer".




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