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After the parade the self-start cars were towed/pushed back down the track and lined up with their noses in the guardwall. On a countdown, they all fired at once and the push start cars started coming toward the strarting line. There was a lot going on real quick. Here is CACKLEFEST east the best it could be covered.




While the self start cars were lined up The Greek was holding court.



Dusty McWilliams and Don Irvin where obviously showing the riggors of a long day. Hey, Dusty - is there a deer in your headlights?




First down was Steve Stephens in the Stephens & Venables resto.



Preston Davis angled in the Tennessee Bo-Weevil.


Bobby Langley in his Scorpion I going to his spot.



Good Tuller moves in with all 16 lit.


Bill Crosby in his Scorpion V.


Ray Helger in the King & Marshall AA/FD


Already belching flames, Jerry Baltes moves in the Croshier-Baltes-Lavato fueler.


Brian Perrenot parks the Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper".


Amos & Cox roll in.


The Probe goes to the left wall.



Al Bergerl Jr. parks "Gang Green".



Bob Fulton in the Wale & Candies car.


Garlits heads to his spot.


It's show time!






















































Without a doubt, the winner of the header flame - long running award went to the Wale & Candies car. Paul must have an 8 gallon tank in this puppy.



















When the W&C car finally shut off it was quitet for a second then the SRO fans went nuts. They were then invited to come down on the track and hundreds did.



Nobody has more fun at these deals than Jerry Baltes.




THIS is a Gizzle Hopper







And so ends the 2008 NHRR Cacklefest - don't miss the BIG SHOW at the CHRR in October.





Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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