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There is now way of knowing how many of the sold out crowd came to see Cacklefest but we can say the stands were still packed at 9:00 p.m. when it kicked off.




The first car in line was the Stephens & Venables restoration of Rip & Natalie Wiley. Nobody had more fun this weekend than this bunch.




Second in line was the Tennessee Bo-Weevil




Dickie Venables, camera in hand, was chomping at the bit to see his first Cacklefest.


With fans and racer milling everywhere, including the infamous "Broadway" Bob Metzler (center) Big Mac started the ball rolling.


Dave McClelland once again did the reading of those who have passed in the last year and then MCed the Cacklefest Parade. Steve Gibbs supplied the info.




Here is the Cacklefest Parade pretty much in the order they came out and were introduced.


First out was the Jack Chrisman "Sacks & Sons" AFX Comet.


Shirl Greer's "Chained Lightning" Mustang





Bruce Larson in his USA-1 Camaro






The first push-start dragster out was Stephens & Venables with Steve Stephens in the seat.





Dick Venables sits shotgun in this very period correct push car.



Original driver, Goob Tuller in John Peter's "Freight Train".






Bill Bronson in his grandfathers "Bronson Special".




Preston Davis in Raymond Godman's "Tennessee Bo-Weevil".






During the parade Glenn Cupit staged his new car near the lanes and was ready when the call to "Fire-up" (to the static start cars) went out.







The Logghe Stamping Co. AA/FD (another Bergler resto) was out next.




Brian Perrenot in his newly restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C. Although the Perrenot family had several race cars Brian chose this one to restore because it was his late brother Travis' favorite ride. The weird name came from the cartoon oriented brain of Travis as well.




Bobby Langley in his first car - Scorpion I now owned by Bill Collins, Paul Adams and Don Ross.



Bill Crosby in his Scorpion V






Larry Payne's "Gang Green" with Al Bergler Jr. in the seat.






King & Marshall with Ray Helger in the seat.





Barnes & Gladstone "Michigander" AA/FD Owners: Bud Barnes and Bob Gladstone. Cacklefest Driver: Bud Barnes





Wale & Candies restored by the late Pat Foster and owned by Paul "Tugboat" Candies with Bob Fulton (Reb) in the seat. Fulton had the car and had a small-block Chevy bracket motor in it before Paul brought it to Foster.









Jerry Baltes in his Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD





David Hoyh's "Swamp Fox" - that's not him in the car.





Gibson Gill Special - 1968 A/FD now owned by Mike Roth.





The Hilton Family "Hombre" AA/FA




No mistaking Al Bergler and his "More Aggravation" AA/FMC.





"Cox & Amos" AA/FD restored as last raced in 1975. This would have been one of the very last front engine TF cars and the only one to try to qualify at the 1975 U.S. Nationals.






Pacers AA/FA












Barb Hamilton and her AA/GS has become a staple at the NHRR.













Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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