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    Specialty vehicles, those commissioned or constructed by their owners, consist of certain unique attributes not found on production or faithfully restored projects. As such, these non-standard systems or components affect value. Below is a detail of such attributes unique to the subject vehicle.

SUBJECT: 1962 Top Fuel Dragster (aka Tom Ivo's "Barnstormer)


Material:  Chromoly steel round tube by Alex Mikkelson (based on Ivo/Peppmuller original with plans from Rod Peppmuller).
Steering:  Ross Crosley-style by TDK Engineering, Downey, CA.
Pushbar:  Chromoly - Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Front Axle: 1.5" diameter, .090" wall, 52.0" tread width - Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Front Spindles: 1933 Ford, trimmed and fitted by Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Front Wheels: Wire spoke, 17.0" diameter, 2.25" wide; handmade by John Hansen, Corona, CA.
Front Tires:  2.25" X 17.0" Avon Speedmaster MK II.
Radius Rods: 1.25" round tube "hairpin" style - Alex Mikkelson.
Drag Link & Tie Rod: Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Rear Axle:  1957 Oldsmobile housing narrowed to 35.0" - Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Final Drive Ratio:  3.23:1 Drive Axles: 35-spline with spool - Strange Engineering.
Rear Suspension: Axle mounted solid to frame.
Rear Brakes: 11.0" discs with dual-piston calipers by Strange Engineering
Rear Wheels: Magnesium 5-spoke, 16.0" diameter X 10." wide by American Racing.
Rear Tires:  16.0" diameter X 10.5" wide M&H Racemaster slicks.
Parachute & Chute Pack:  Exact copy of original 12-foot ringslot-style by Jim Deist dyed Red, White & Blue.
Fuel Tank:  Moon aluminum, 4-gallon capacity.


Displacement: 377 Cubic Inches (sleeved down from 392)
Cylinder Block:  1958 Chrysler, cast iron, 392 CID
Crankshaft: Stock
Pistons: JE forged
Connecting Rods: Miller forged
Camshaft: Chet Herbert #70
Cam Followers:  Chet Herbert - roller bearing
Valves: Manley - stainless steel
Valve Springs: Manley - stainless steel
Rocker Arm Shafts:  Rocker Arm Specialties, Anderson, CA
Rocker Arms: Intake & Exhaust by Donovan modified to route oil
Cylinder Heads:  Cast iron, ported by Bob McKray
Fuel Injection: Enderle Bugcatcher "showerhead-style" restored by Rick MacDonald,      Escondido, CA.
Supercharger: GMC 6-71 modified by Jim Swedberg, Grand Forks, ND
Intake Manifold: Weiand
Ignition: Scheifer magneto prepared by Tom Cirello, Murphies, CA.
Oil Pump: Custom by Jim Swedberg, Grand Forks, ND
Oil Pan: Stock, with sump modified by John Loukas, Cleveland, OH
Exhaust Headers: "Weedburner-style" made by Keith Hickson, Anaheim, CA
Rocker Arm Covers: Cast aluminum, original Mickey Thompson (M/T)
Engine Builders: Bob McKray & Rick MacDonald


Motor Plate: Aluminum billet, with starter attachment by Ken Jack, Hemi's Unlimited, Liberty, KS.
Starter Motor: Meziere super-duty mounted to motor plate
Transmission: None
Flywheel: Aluminum, custom-toothed by Meziere
Clutch: 10.0" Double-disc - Crower
Bellhousing: Combines scattershield, Aluminum - 1962 Donovan
Disengager: Custom by Gary Sumek, Lenco, Lemon Grove, CA
Driveshaft: Custom by Lenco.


Shell: Aluminum (3003 H-14 and 5052 H-32); thickness = .050" and .063"; hand-formed (from photographs of Tom Sorrell original) by Jack Hagemann, Jr.
Windshield: Plexiglas, wraparound - Tim Everts @ Bob Meyer Race Cars.
Paint: BASF Diamante, PPG urethane clearcoat, 1956 Oldsmobile Festival Red (aka "Ivo Red") applied by Tim Pombert.
Lettering:  Gold Leaf applied by Bob Thompson


Seat: Aluminum - Jack Hagemann, Jr.
Cover & Sides: Black vinyl, exact replication of diamond-tuft original by Tony Nancy crafted by Dennis Taylor
Dash: Custom fabrication - Bob Meyer, Bob Meyer Race Cars
Instrumentation: Oil Pressure guage by Stewart-Warner
Steering Column: Custom fabrication - Bob Meyer, Bob Meyer Race Cars
Steering Wheel: Aluminum "butterfly-style" by Chassis Works.


Wiring: Kol Johnson
Chrome Plate & Polishing: Juan Vargara, Aztec Polishing, Escondido, CA
Batteries:  Two 12-volt Odyssey gel-type, mounted under seat.


Chassis: Alex Mikkelson, American Roadster, Placentia, CA
Fabricator: Bob Meyer, Bob Meyer Race Cars, E Cajon, CA
Engine: Bob McKray & Rick MacDonald, Bob McKray Performance, Mission Viejo, CA
Body: Jack Hagemann, Jr., Quality Design Engineering, Morgan Hill, CA
Paint: Tim Pombert, Tims Body & Paint, Escndido, CA
Lettering: Bob Thompson, Team Thompson, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Interior: Dennis Taylor, Dennis Taylor Enterprises, Anaheim, CA


Apprasial Sample 1 - COVER

Apprasial Sample 2 - PAGE 1 - TABLE OF CONTENTS


Apprasial Sample 5 - PAGES 6 & 7 - VALUATION CONCLUSION

Apprasial Sample 6 - PAGE 19 - Curriculum Vitae of Jon W. Lundberg, Sr.

Apprasial Sample 7 - PAGE 24 - FINAL PAGE OF REPORT


This report in total and in part is restricted to use by the named client and/or the intended user(s) designated herein and may not be further distributed or employed for any purpose other than the intended use specified without the written approval of the appraiser.



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