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Again this year the test push starts were required for any new driver or a driver in a new car. Then there were many vets who just got out to make sure everything was good to go for Saturday night. They were done mostly during several breaks in the program.

On Saturday afternoon, out of the hole came a series of six dragsters, one after another in push-start mode down the left lane. In order, they were:


First out was the Hundley & Boggs' '69 car with Richie Boggs is the driver but this isn't him in the seat.








Jim & Alison Lee "Great Expectations" driven by Art Marshall.








Marty Harrison driving the Hudley & Boggs 1967 car. By several accounts, this was the hardest pounding cacklecar on the property.








"Swamp Fox" Driver: David Hoyh.









Dave Huber's Mickey Thompson Dragmaster that originally had a Pontiac Tempest 6 motor, Huber put in the blown SBC.







Aaron Cooper in the Jimmy Nix car.












Just one of the cool parts of the Cacklefest show is the pre-Cacklefest parade where the fans get to see the cars, drivers and crews up close and personal while getting some verbal history of the cars from Bob Frey. This is also a fun deal for the folks participating in the event.

Like the CHRR at Bakersfield in October, this event draws more quality cacklecars each year. Not nearly as many as the CHRR, but a lot of really nice iron nonetheless. This year was no exception.

First out are the push start cars as they go to the top end of the track. Following them are the static start cars that are positioned on the guardwall in the starting line area. Meet the 2021 NHRR Cacklefest participants.

We present them to you in the order they were presented to the fans. One reason Cacklefest.com is here is to recognize in a small way those who come to this and other events from all over the country. This is where they can see the fruits of their labor.


Leading off was J.D. Strawn in the Pesek and Lucas SPE car that was in storage 40 years and restored a decade ago..



Next out was the Hundley & Boggs 1969 car. Unlike the 1967 car this sports a full body and wild paint scheme. The car is owned and driven by Richie Boggs.




Next out was the other Hundley & Boggs entry which has been a staple of the NHRR for several years. This is their 1967 car owned by Richie Boggs who put Marty Harrison behind the wheel.






Ronnie Sandifer in the beautiful Shreve Automotive AA/FD that is a restored Long/Hanna car.




Austin Myers was back in his Mickey Thompson SBC powered Dragmaster chassis.




Aaron Cooper in the candy red Jimmy Nix car. Corey Conyers re-create the body of 'The Smilin' Okie' car. It was one of two famous Oklahoma cars owned by collector John Neas from Tulsa. Nix was from Oklahoma City.





The tow cart for the Creitz & Donovan had famed fabracator Corey Conyers at the wheel. The lady in the red/black race shirt is driver Garry Wheeler’s wife. She backs up the Grand Prix fuel cars.


Arguably the crown jewel of the John Neas collection (along with his Tony Nancy car) is the restored Creitz & Donovan car which John won at the Tom Hanna auction. He wanted to make sure it stayed where it belonged, in Tulsa. 6.0 Pro winner Garry Wheeler was in the seat.




Jeff Sanborn in the seat of the Cox and Amos AA/FD out of Tennessee.




Ken Fox in the NHRR regular "Fox & Hulls" AA/FD






David Hoyh was back in the 1967 John Buttera built Hoyh Family "Swamp Fox" AA/FD.







Last out was the inspiration for Tyler Hilton's (Lee's grandson) NTF car, Brian Beattie's Jim & Alison Lee "Great Expectations" AA/FD driven by Art Marshall.









Bruce Larson USA-1 Camaro funny car.







Rich Budinsky in the Power King AA/FD (Patrick and Ferry 104" Arizona car)


"Doug's Headers" tribute Corvair.






"Gizzle Hopper" AA/FC Owners: David and Rob Stewart.












John Jones in his "Cammer" homemade chassis with an ex-Dyno Don SOHC Ford for power.




Ditmars Bros. (please lose the 6 point cage <Ivo grin>.






Batting clean-up was NHRR staple Randy Walls and his Camaro.







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