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After 14 years the Cacklefest is long past its novelty stage and is the feature event. The exact number of fans who come to the CHRR strictly for the cacklecars is unknown but all agree it is substantial. The SRO Saturday crowd bears that out. This year the Chamber of Commerce weather didn't hurt matters at all.

As it was in 2014, Cacklefest was broken up into two programs. Only the push start cars were in the Saturday evening parade and Cacklefest that saw over 60 cars light up the night sky.

On behalf of all of us who participated this year a huge thank you to those who made it happen. The dedicated staff at the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and their volunteers, John and Blake Bowser and their excellent Famoso crew, Don Irvin and the Safety Safari team and most of all the thousands of fans who made the trip to our Mecca.

Now, all talk aside, we hope you enjoy our photo coverage of the 2015 CHRR Cacklefest.

PS. The self start cars waited until Sunday, before the second round of Top Fuel, to do their show.

*The names of the "drivers" were taken off the pre-entry list and may not be totally correct at game time. Send corrections to CHRR Driver Corrections


Prior to the start of the parade it is a tradition to read the name of those who have left us since the 2014 CHRR. Each year the list seems to get longer and this was no exception. It is a sobering reminder of why we have these reunions in the first place.

Ray Agee
Jim Albrich
Dale Armstrong
Bill Barrett
Raymond Beadle
Jim Beattie
Dave Beebe
Bob Bentley
Nick Boninfante
Phil Bonner
Harry Boudakian
Dexter "Pop" Bradford
Ned Brown
Gary Burgin
Smokey Cole
Bob Cooley
Bud Coons
Beth Crossley
Al Dal Porto
Denny Darnell
Steve Denbo
Bruce Dillashaw
Henry Duga
Jim Ecker
John Ewald
Keith Ferrell
Doug Fisher
Jamie Fox
Roger Garten
Bill "Maverick" Golden
Shirley Goldstrom
Ralph Guldahl
Dick Guldstrand
Randy Hagerty
Dick Harryman
John Hawkins
Jerry Heroix
Larry Huff
Chuck Jones
Bob Keith
Glen "Fireball" Kellog
Jim Kelly
Steve LaBurn
Joe Lepone, Jr.
Pauline Long
Clark Marshall
Muggins Martin
Moe Mills
Mike Mitchell
Dorothy Mooneyham
Larry "Murf" Murphy
Boris Murray
Deloy Naeb
Doug Nash
George Otto
P.J. Partridge
Hubert Platt
Charlie Proite
Bob Richardson
Ben Rizzio
Juhn Rowlee
Otto Ryssman
Jaime Sarte
Greg Scott
Roberto Skinner
Tex Smith
Jeff Stich
Kat Suhr
Phil Tadlock
Leo Taugher
Dale Thierer
Fritz Voigt
Don Waldschmidt
Jack Watson
Scott Weney
Hank Westmoreland
Earl Whiting
Robert Wilkison
Don Williamson
Greg Wright
George Wulf


Leading off the parade were the Honorees starting with Paul Althouse.


Doug Kruse


John Jodauga


Don Ratican and Don Gaide


Grand Marshal Jim Dunn


Following the honorees Mr. Show business "TV Tommy" Ivo atop one of his original trailers owned and restored by Ron Johnson.

After the honorees parade was completed, but before the cackle car parade started, the fans were treated to a look Mr. Show business "TV Tommy" Ivo atop his first glass sided trailer from 1966. Inside was Johnson's Ivo "Barnstormer" cacklecar. Ivo had heard years ago that what was left of the trailer still existed in central coastal California and was able to assist Ron Johnson in buying what was left of the trailer. Ron got the hulk back to his shop and with assistance of friends in his local area was able to piece it back together again.This was its second CHRR appearance.







Bob Frey did the on track introductions.


Leading off the parade proper was Roger Lee in his beautifully recreated Masters & Richter tribute car.





Bob Hirsch in his Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda" AA/FD





Original driver Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn in the restored Schultz & Glenn 1971 World Championship Tuttle car. The wheelbase and engine placement made this car very unique. Restored and owned by Gerber Racing. Maintained by Troy Glenn.





Bartlett Bros. & Moore AA/GD with Gary Ritter driving.




This is a John Buttera car that Bruce Dyda is in the process of restoring. It's not a runner….just parade. It's a 1967 Li’l John Buttera chassis with 472 c.i. Olds engine.
Was “Cloverleaf Aviation”, out of Chicago, IL. Driver in car is Dan Pettinato.





The restored legendary Howard Cams "Twin Bear" originally driven by Jack Chrisman. Owned by Bob & Don Johansen, driven by Rich Howell.






Next out was "Gentleman Joe" Schubeck in his restored 1966 AA/FD.







Schrank Brothers BB/FD with Jerry Schrank  in the seat.





"Varmit" AA/FD Jim Wearanga  driving, owned by Jim & Michelle Wearanga.





Dave Uyehara was back in the seat of the Raynor, Bishop & Herbert car owned by Allen Jaynes.




Trevor Larkin in his Tommy Larkin tribute car.




Lon Bonnett in the "Pavement Shaker".





Original driver Tommy Allen in the Soapy Sales AA/FD owned by Roland Kleinsorge.






Ewell, Bell, Stecker & Olson AA/FD owned by John Kiley driven by John Kopenger.





"Thunder Chief"  AA/FD owned by Terry Maestrejuan who is listed as the driver but this is not him in the seat.





Ratican, Jackson & Stearns AA/FA owned and driven by Ron Stearns.




Wayne King in the restored Doss, Clayton & King AA/FD owned by Wayne King & Gary Guinn.





Rini Brothers Canadian owned and driven by Dan Rini.






Southwind III AA/FD owned by Jay Carpenter, driven by Mike Clancy .





Cross, Mann & King  Jr.Fuel car owned and driven by Jerry King.





No ID who's in Don Bowman's car.





The Allison powered Green Monster A/D owned and driven by Jon Rowley.





Speed Sport Special A/MR with original driver Red Greth in the seat. The car is owned by RTL Racing and can be seen at the NHRA Motorsports Museum.





Wilton & Doss AA/FD owned by Bubby Wilton with Deyon Young in the seat.




Allen & Huff "Woody Trick Car" AA/FD now owned and driven by John Hertzig



Climax AA/FA owned and driven by Scott Krenzer.





Pipedream Racing / Roger Gates AA/FD  owned by Denny Fenstermaker with original driver Roger Gates in the seat.





Original owner/driver Jerry "The King" Ruth  AA/FD.






Neil O'Kane in his Cracklin' Rose Jr. Fuel car.





Australian based Ash Marshall "Scorcher" AA/FD driven by Steve Dickerman, owned by Dennis Young.





Waterman & Hampshire AA/FD owned and driven by Ronnie Hampshire, with Ronnie Hampshire Jr. in the seat.




Larry Crossan's Gingrass & Dearmore AA/FD with Bob Muravez driving.






Rick Caron was in John Dearmore 's AA/FD .






The Belle of the Ball was the Dunn & Reath "Rainbow Car". This is the real deal car owned and restored by Pete Eastwood who is also in the seat.







From Colorado, the Alan Bockla K&M Auto Parts AA/FD with owner Ken Gupton in the seat.




Also out of Colorado, the Rice & Williams AA/FD owned by Bill & Danny Rice with Bret Goethe doing the driving.





John Wiebe's "Violin Car" owned by Lynn Bruch and Don Love had Dan Richins doing the driving.





Another car making is debut was the super clean "Royal Canadian". Owned and driven by Rod Hodges from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Don Long chassis, restored by Don Long. Other restoration work by Pete Eastwood and Derek Bower.







Out of Bucky Austin's cacklecar stable, the Dailey & Johnson late model hemi powered fueler with original driver Hank Johnson in the seat.




Sam Chastain in his "Iron Horse" AA/FD.





Back for its third CHRR appearance was the gold plated 1971 Peebles & Williams TF car with original driver Chip Woodall in the seat.







Dave West made his first trip from their new home in Texas with his show stopping 1969 Beebe & Mulligan fueler that was recreated by the late Pat Foster in 2000.






New to the scene this is the "Pepe’s Pizza Parlor" AA/FD from 1964. Owned, restored, and driven by Aaron Von Minden.





Yeakel Plymouth Special AA/FD with Chuck Goebel in the seat.






Mario Garcia in his Mastercar.




Harry Burkholder in the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA.




Glenn Way in his Groundshaker Jr. AA/FA.




Take a dragster, fit an odd fiberglass body and call it a funny car. That sums up the Austin & Grassi Fuel Cuda making its debut with Dave Jeffers in the seat.







The oldest car award went to the “Silhouette” Flathead Dragster from 1954. All Original car owned and driven by Mike Hegarty, Rich Guasco also affiliated with car.





The Sihouette restoration was pushed by a very famous early Mercury originally built in the 50's and owned then by Buddy Ohesian, which is also owned now by Hegarty.


Tony Nancy Sizzler owned by John Neas and driven by Harry Hibler.





Owner/driver Jack Gillett in the Joe Mailliard Sidewinder.





Original driver John Wiebe in the Kansas John Wiebe AA/FD owned by Wayne Patrick.





The only rear engine restoration in the show was Gary Cochran - Mr. C T/F car driven by Don Nosse and owned by Al Nosse.





Bob Lawson got the seat of Paul Schavrien's "The Poachers" AA/FD.





This year Mike Lewis got the seat of Ron Johnson's "ChiZler".







Arguably the most famous Top Gas car of all time, John & Bev Peters "Freight Train" was back with son Brad in the seat.





After leading off the parade, the Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" was unloaded from its glass trailer and took its place at the end of the line.







The final car in the parade was the AA/FA of Tocco, Harper & Garten, a CHRR regular. With the loss of Roger Garten earlier this year, it was the first time anyone other than him was in the seat. Don Cooper got that honor.






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