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Cacklefest VI


Parade of Stars




Due to a very drawn out round one of Top Fuel, the Cacklefest didn't officially kick off until 9:00 p.m. with an exhibition race between Ron Hope in the Rat Trap and Randy Bradford.


After the alterds ran, MC Dave McClellan and Steve Gibbs coordinated the sequence of events before the Cacklefest Parade.


First out was the funny cars and gassers who were parked on the push road side of the tower lane guardrail. Larry Reyes would fire the Hawaiian.



Ron Stearns in the Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/A Coupe.



George Bolthoff in his AA/GD.



Jack Jones in Bucky Austin's "Northwest Hitter" AA/GD.



Tommy Larking in the Weiss & Larking Top Gas dragster.



Don Westhaver in the "Flying Fenn" A/FD - the oldest car in the program.


Red Greth in the Speed Sport I (aka "Ol' Noisy").



Speed Sport II with Kenton Greth in the seat.


Jim Adolph in the Pure Heaven AA/FA.


Trevor Larking in the 'Lil Tommy Larking Chevy powered A/FD.



Chuck Bayuk was among the newbies this year with his restored AA/C from 1963..


Bill Alexander was back after a two year absence in the Ernie's Camera "Shudder Bug" A/FD.




Terry Maestrejuan in his newly Dyda Eng. restored Woody car dubbed "Thunder Chief". Terry ran Top Fuel in the 60's but was unable to find any of his old cars to restore so he found a 1967 Woody car without a history and made it his own... and what a beauty it is.




The Old Timers AA/FD.



Jay Carpenter in newly restored "The Syndicate" AA/FD owned by Ken Blackmore.




"Stormin' Normin" Weekly in the Frantic-4 A/FD.



Roger Gates in Denny Fenstermaker's "Pipedream Racing" AA/FD.




Jon Barrett in Prentis Cunningham's 1968 AA/FD.



Rod Hynes in "The Addict" AA/FD.


Wayne King in his Doss-Clayton-King AA/FD.




"TV Tommy" Ivo in the Ewald Bros. BankAmericar AA/FD.




John Ewald in his Mastercar AA/FD





Al Bergler in his gorgeous "More Aggravation" AA/MFC.





Mendy Fry was in the seat of Ron Johnson's "Shubert & Herbert" A/FD.



Pete Eastwood in his classic "Samurai" AA/FD.





2006 CHRR Honoree Don Hampton got the seat in Bucky Austin's unique "Eagle Electric" AA/FD.




A car that needs no introduction - Tom Hanna.





Don Prieto's "Hustler VI".


Original driver, Walt Stevens in the seat of "The Poachers" AA/FD.





Ronnie Hampshire visits with Linda Vaughan just before being towed out in Dennis Prater's "Stellings & Hampshire" Red Stamp Spec AA/FD.






1980 NHRA Top Fuel World Champion Rob Bruins got the set in Herm Petersen's "Peterson & Fitz" AA/FD.





Jerry Ruth in his 1969 Don Long car that was perfectly restored by Bucky Austin.





One of its original drivers, Al Pehrson got the seat in the newly restored "Iron Horse" AA/FD.






One of the featured new restorations was the John Wiebe 1971 "Violin Car" which was first run, with no success, as the "Creitz & Donovan" fueler and then given to Wiebe to test the very first aluminum Donovan 417 engine. Incredibly, this restoration has the original Donovan block, #002 between the frame rails. The block was found in Canada and purchased by the current owners of the car, Don Love and Lynn Bruch. Herm Petersen assembled the finished product and it does pound the ground. John Wiebe gave the car his blessings and was in the seat for Cacklefest VI.






Next down were the original nine cacklecars. It is with a heavy heart that we lead off with the Steinegger & Eshenbaugh 1965 car with Scott Eshenbaugh in the seat. Our drag racing family suffered a huge loss with the passing of Larry Steinegger on October 20, 2006. His legacy will not only live on with this car but also in volumes of history and more friends than most people will ever have in ten lifetimes. We love and will miss you big guy - RIP.




Arguably the most traveled cacklecar is the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum based "Howard Cams Rattler". Jimmy Scott in the seat.





Kenny Safford in the Safford-Gaide-Ratican A/FD.




Carl Olson in his customary seat in Mike Kuhl's AA/FD.





It was Jessica Anderson's turn to fire the Anderson Family "Vagabond" AA/FD.



After last years announcement that the Greer-Black-Prudhomme car was going into retirement, it was a big surprise to see Steve Davis back in the seat for CF VI. This car is on most of us old dogs Top Ten list and hopefully it will never be taken out of commission.







Definitely a fan favorite - Dave West and his incredible "Beebe & Mulligan" recreation. To my knowledge no one other than Dave has ever been in the seat of this car and 2006 was no exception.





Another Cacklefest staple is the Chrisman Bros & Cannon "Hustler II" with Art Chrisman pushing the pedals.





The quintessential cacklecar - Bill Pitts' "Magicar" with original driver Jeep Hampshire at the controls.






Next to the last car down was Don Garlits in the Swamp Rat III recreation of Sonny Massner. This car was done with Big's blessings as the original Swamp Rat III was not saved for posterity.







Last but certainly not least was Chris "The Greek" Karamesines in his 1959 ChiZer that was restored and toured in 2006 by Ron Johnson. This may - or may not - be the cars final Cacklefest appearance. Only time will tell.








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Check back for more event coverage as they happen.



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