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This was the first event of its kind, a massive tribute to the Spirit of Lions (Drag Strip) that came from the vision of Rick Lorenzen who has done well in business and has an intense love of drag racing and a personal connection with Lions. In just a year Lorenzen turned one of his huge warehouses into memory lane.

The saying, "You build it and they will come." could not be more appropriate than here. The attendence was beyond expectations and it turned out to be one of those who's who of drag racing deals.

Aside from the mind boggling indoor displays of vintage cars and sets, the 20+ fuel cacklecars outside was the big show. There were some cars that never ran at Lions and they were not part of the push fire-ups. Only cars that actually graced the 1/4 mile at "The Beach" were featured. The cool part was the air was full of nitro, the only downside was it was in bright daylight.

All this said, this event is best shared in photos and now that I have the time to embed them here they are. The first page are shots taken by Don Ewald, The second page is shots from Dave Kommel who has been shooting the sport for decades.




As you entered, this was your view to the left.

This was to your right.


The following shots are in main concourse.






She's real fine my 409.







Then you turn the corner to this!















Moving on.... the model store.



The Music Store



Barber Shop



Then there was the movie theater.


Note the movies on the marquee. In front of the Granada were all the cars featured in these movies. It is not clear which ones are the real deal or just perfect recreations.








Moving on to another "room".


Ron Johnson's Chizler recreation.


The Allen Family "Stinger" Jr. Fuel car. A staple at Lions.




We then move into the "room" for dining and gathering.










Darrell & Pam Conrad's restored Veney's Vega was on display in the loading dock.


As we head outside to the Big Show, the Veney's Vega restoration of Darrell and Pam Conrad is the last thing you see.


Sunglasses on, here we go.





This marked the debut of the restored Walton Cerny & Moody RED from 1972. The principles were Darielle Moody and Hal Sanguinetti. This is the real deal car per Don Long, who built it.



At the right end on the line where cars than never raced at Lions. They would be static start only which they did prior to the Lions cars.


Jay Carpenter with his Southwind fueler.








Ed McCulloch was on hand to support Nitro Revival.


"TV Tommy" Ivo and Joel Gruzen making the rounds.


Shade was the order of the day.


Nitro Revival T-shirts were a popular item.


The Lions cars were all staged in a row.






As it should be, the main show was opened with our National Anthem.


First to fire was the Boyd Penington AA/FR



Next out was Ron Sterns in the Reath Automotive A/FA




This also marked the return of the Godfather of cacklecars, Bill Pitts with his Magicar. As it should be, original driver Jeep Hampshire was in the seat. The Pitts family had a very rough 2016 and it was great to see them back in the fold.


David Gruzen pushing out in the Gruzen Racing Newhouse Roadster.


Next out was Jack Gillett in his Sidewinder A/D



Down the line Ron Johnson was waiting for the cue to fire the Barnstormer with Tommy Ivo in the seat.




Ivo fired



As usual, Steve Gibbs was the one who turned the dogs loose one at a time.




Sonny Messner was on hand with his Don Garlits Swamp Rat III.





Pete Eastwood in his Ed Pink Old Master recreation.




Next across the lot was the Waterman & Hampshire Clearspark car with Ronnie Hampshire in the seat.





Ron Johnson's Shubert & Herbert aka Shooby powered by a small block Chevy on nitro. Original driver Zane Shubert in the seat.




Paul Rossi in the seat of the Yeakle Plymouth Spec.




Harry Burkholder in the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA.


Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA



Jerry Bivens was in his restored "Checkmate" AA/FD.






John Wiebe AA/FD owned by Wayne Patrick.





The next rumble came from Gerry Glenn in the Schultz & Glenn championship car.





Tommy Allen in his restored Soapy Sales AA/FD




Cherie Glenn in the Warren-Coburn-Miller restoration owned by Mike Aaby & Alan Workman.




The last nitro car was Carl Olson in the Kuhl & Olson TF car.




John Peters fabled "Freight Train" Top Gas twin was the last car to fire.





When the Freight Train shut off it was back social time aka bench racing.





Zane Shubert, Ron Johnson and Sid Waterman






All the cars were left in place for the second fire-up that took place a couple of hours later.


Kommel Photos






Kommel Photos


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