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On the first Wednesday of every month the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum holds a cruise night in the main parking lot. On July 6th some cacklecars were thrown into the mix. Here are a few shots from the event plus a couple of cool videos by Bill PItts at the bottom including one of all the cars and the debut of the restored McEwen Tirend car.


Then: NHRA Safety Safari in 1955.


Now: NHRA Safety Safari rig (wagon and trailer) have been restored and are now housed at the museum.















Doug Robertson's Horsepower Engineering restoration.



This was also the debut of the McEwen Tirend car restored by Steve Davis. Then Fred HayHurst recreated Tom Hanna body. Mike Kuhl did the engine. The co owners are Tommy Allen and Mike Kuhl. After this the car was disassembled and the body panels went in for painting.








Tommy Allen's Woody Trick Car


No mistaking the Warren-Coburn-Miller car.





The Yeakel gang are regulars at So Cal events,



Jay Carpenter's new Woody Tribute Car






Terry Maestrejuan doesn't come out as much as others but his sharp Thunder Chief is a great addition to any show.





Rod Hynes brought out the Addict.




Another show staple is the Dean Engineering car of the McCloud Bros.




The Godfather of cacklecars, Bill Pitts' Magicar.




The lone altered belonged to Tocco Harper Garten



For Bobby Hansen the trip to the museum is only a few minutes.




No clue why Mousie is wrapped up and ready to ship.




Mike Kuhl's fully restored truck and Mr. Ed trailer just shout classic.










Museum Cacklecar Line Up 7-6-2011


Restored Tirend AA/FD Debut




2019 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion

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