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Mike Kuhl was no stranger to Top Fuel dragsters when he ordered what would be his last front engine car from Woody Gilmore in early 1970. The car ran basically on the West coast for the 1970 and early 1971 seasons with such notable drivers as Steve Carbone, Bill Tidwell and Dick Rossburg but the car would be remembered and restored with Carl Olson in the seat. Kuhl & Olson would enjoy great success in the '70s with a series of rear engine Top Fuel cars until both went their own ways to pursue their interests.


Mike Kuhl debuted the car in early 1970 with Steve Carbone in the drivers seat.


Here is the car at OCIR in 1970 with Bill Tidwell at the controls.



By mid 1970 Kuhl hooked up with Carl Olson, who had driven several fuel cars in the late '60s to be, what turned out to be, his last driver.


Kuhl, Fats and the guys raced hard and played hard and were not beyond doing outlandish things like the fire burnout at OCIR.






Mike Kuhl

Mike Kuhl

Carl Olson
183 inch Woody Gilmore chassis built in 1970
Restored in 1999 by Mike Kuhl
392 Chrysler Hemi by Mike Kuhl
Horsepower: 2500 on 90% Nitromethane


Unlike most, Kuhl had the foresight and means to keep his last FED in tact when he made the switch to the rear engine configuration in mid 1971. The car sat in one of Mike's shops until 1999 when he decided to restore it for display in the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum. Again, with the idea of something called Cacklefest over year off, Kuhl had the foresight to restore the car in running form - clutch and all. As a result he and Olson were ready to roll when Cacklefest was born in 2000. They were one of the original nine cars to participate.


Here is the Kuhl & Olson car as it appeared at the inaugural CHRR in 1992 - before it was restored to its current paint job.


Push start for Cacklefest One in 2000.



On track 2000.


Olsen did a burnout on Friday at the 2001 CHRR.



Push starting for the 2001 Cacklefest.


Carl Olson in the seat for the 2002 Pre-Cacklefest Parade.



2002 CHRR Cacklefest



2003 NHRA Winternationals Cacklefest push start.


Olson does a burnout during the 2003 CHRR.





2003 National Hot Rod Reunion - Bowling Green, KY
Nick Licata Photo



Carl Olson in the seat for the 2005 Pre-Cacklefest Parade.



Over the last five years the Kuhl & Olson car has been seen coast to coast by thousands of fans and don't look for it to stop being one of the stars of any Cacklefest any time soon. As Kuhl says, "This is way too much fun!"





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