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One of the cool parts of the Cacklefest show is the pre-fire up parade where the fans get to see the cars and crews up close and personal while getting a verbal history of the cars. This is also a fun deal for the folks participating in the event.

First out are the push start cars as they go to the top end of the track. Following them are the static start cars that are positioned on the guardwall in the starting line area. Meet the 2015 NEHRR Cacklefest participants.

We present them to you in the order they were presented to the fans. Images such as these vary in the angle of the shot and amount of flames in the headers. Rather than us trying to pick which of the shots of any one car is "The Best", we will include a range and let you decide for yourself which ones are the best.

First out were the push start cars that proceeded to the top end of the track to suit up and prepare for the call to push down.




Unlike the Granddaddy of them all, the California Hot Rod Reunion that draws a massive amount of Top Fuel Dragsters, Bowling Green and Epping get fewer of these and therefore have space and time for a broader variety of competition cars in the Cacklefest.


First out was Partrick Brady in the Brady & Mahan Fiat Altered.




Ed Pearson's AA/Altered with Joe Fleming driving.




With daughter Gretchen's retirement, the Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C had owner, Brian Perrenot back in the seat for the second event in a row.





Bill Crosby made his way from Texas with his Bobby Langley "Scorpion V" restoration.





Veteran fuel driver Don Roberts was in the seat of the Comanche AA/FD owned by Paul Broughton.






Ted Tine in his Dailey & Johnson AA/FD




King & Marshall AA/FD driven by Jesse Helger.




Tom Auger’s TV Tommy Ivo AA/FD driven by Ray Helger.



Here's a Cacklefest twist, for the first time a funny car would go to the topend, fire up and join the dragsters coming down track. The flopper, the recreated Pisano car that was driven by Mike Dunn, in the seat here was Al Segrini.



Brian Beattie’s Great Expectations driven by Art Marshall.








With all the introductions given on the parade page, here is Cacklefest proper with out having to read anything! Just enjoy the photos and imagine the feelings. The static start cars fired first followed by the push starts. When the order was given, all the cars started at once (or at lease were suppose to).



















































































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