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Here are some shots taken throughout the weekend in no particular order. I'll insert names when possible.... I don't know everybody.


Lex Swayn had the Courtesy Chevrolet AA/GD back again.


Gil Rothweiler and Bob Keith


Steve Reyes with Sharon & Bob Muravez


Jesse Schrank before doing a static start.






Dennis Holding and Jim Fox. Half of the original Frantic 4.


Western Eng. Spec. restored by the late Pete Starrett




Bill Simpson, Dan Broussard, Bill Pitts and Jeep Hampshire





Herm Petersen, Bill Simpson, Dan Broussard and Dennis Holding


Connie Braun with Dad, Ron Johnson




















Tom Prufer and friend


Jay Carpenter, Dave Jeffers and Bill Pitts


"Buzz" and "The Peregrine" enjoying an adult beverage.


Bob Muravez and Cindy Gibbs


Kenny Logan




Jesse and Jerry Schrank


Ronnie Hampshire and Bud De Boer


Brad from The Vagabond Andi & Eric Humenik



All the cacklecars had to go through tech... and damn good idea.



Ky Michaelson (red shirt) was on hand with a boat load of great stories. "Rocketman" also sat down with Ron Johnson to do a cool U-Tube video:
"The story on how A.T.A.A became N.H.R.A"



Beebe Bros. & Sixt - a work in progress.






Ron Johnson in his prize Caddy.






Rick MacDonald and Lisa











Sonny Messner and John Ewald












Ken Hughes






This is the original Walton & Allen Don Long car (later bought by the infamous Freddie DeName and run as "The Fugitive") found and now owned by Andi and Paul Humenik. This would be a great restoration in either livery. Rumor has it, the car is for sale.





















































Darrell Gwynn














































Roger Lee





















On Saturday night Andi Humenik (The Impostor) and Paul Schavrien (The Poachers) did a simultaneous fire-up that went on for over 5 minutes.








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