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Cacklefest - Let the Flames Begin



With all the cars and drivers being introduced on the parade page we'll just let this page roll with nothing but the photos of the cars. So sorry we can't include the sound and smell that goes with them.


















































































































































































































































































That's all folks!



A very happy "TV" post cackle.


After two sessions of NTF and their first Cacklefest, one of drag racing's most enduring couples kicked back, Brendan Murry and Karen Oie.


Photog Paul Hutchins and engine whiz Rick McDonald


This was one of those impromptu group pics after the Cacklefest at the Burkholder car. From left, Robert Reel (Harry's nephew and right hand man with the cackles), unknown guy, Harry, Fast Jack and the young girl is Reel's daughter. She climbed in and out of that car like it was her personal jungle gym.



Mike Dunn, Sid Waterman and Ronnie Hampshire


Jeep Hampshire and Mike Dunn


Walt Stevens and Paul Schavrien


Ron Stearns with original partner Don Ratican



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