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Cacklefest® Parade


After thirteen years the Cacklefest is no longer a novelty but the feature event. The exact number of fans who come to the CHRR strictly for the cacklecars is unknown but all agree it is substantial. The SRO Saturday crowd bears that out. This year the Chamber of Commerce weather didn't hurt matters at all.

As it was in 2013, Cacklefest was broken up into two programs. Only the push start cars were in the Saturday evening parade and Cacklefest that saw over 60 cars light up the night sky.

On behalf of all of us who participated this year a huge thank you to those who made it happen. The dedicated staff at the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and their volunteers, John and Blake Bowser and their excellent Famoso crew, Don Irvin and the Safety Safari team and most of all the thousands of fans who made the trip to our Mecca.

Now, all talk aside, we hope you enjoy our photo coverage of the 2014 CHRR Cacklefest.

PS. The self start cars waited until Sunday, before the second round of Top Fuel, to do their show.


Prior to the start of the parade it is a tradition to read the name of those who have left us since the 2013 CHRR. Each year the list seems to get longer and this was no exception. It is a sobering reminder of why we have these reunions in the first place.

Bill Alexander
Mike Alexander
Tom Anderson
John Annin
Ray Athens
Jim Barnett
Doug Bentz
Gordie Bonin
Bob Brooks
Gordon Browning
Paul Cable
Bill “Bones” Carroll
Brian Christiansen
Russ Collins
“Mad Dog” Don Cook
Ed Cortopassi
Jack Davis
Ken Dondero
Chuck Doss
James Drew
Bud Evans
John Farkonas
Fred Farlinger
Ron Fassl
Bud Faubel
Ray Ferry
Dave “Honkycat” Freeman
Bill Frontuto
Pat Garlits
David Garvin
Fred Goeske
Andy Granatelli
Phil Gustin
Tom Haggin
Bill Hays
Mart Higginbotham
Stu Hilborn
Clem Johnson
Fran Rooks Johnson
Clay Jones
Steve Kalb
Dee Keaton
Bob Kehoe
Rick Kepler
Dale Lambrose
Jon Lundberg, Jr.
Bob McCoy
Linda McCulloch
Muggins Martin
Tom Medley
Ed Moore
Bobby Neal
Bill New
Marvin Noel
Butch Orr
Rico Paris
Phyllis “P.J.” Partridge
Rod Peppmuller
Pete Petersen
Rose Ratican
Earl Rodney
Kenny Safford
Jim “Fireball” Shores
“Speedy” Bill Smith
Otie Smith
Bill Stebbins
Fred Stover
Dennis Syrmis
Dave Thompson
Jim Thornton
Karl Von Hofgaarden
Norm Weekly
Jack Williams (Canada Syndicate Scuderia)
Bill Willis
Dale Wilson
Don Wilson
Don Zig




Leading off the parade were the Honorees starting with Dennis Varni.



Hugh Tucker



Sid Waterman




Grand Marshall, Mike Dunn



The "Glass Slipper" Team




Spotlight Award winners, Bay Area Roadsters





After the honorees parade was completed, but before the cackle car parade
started, the fans were treated to a look at the recently restored trailer
that Tommy Ivo originally built in 1966. This was the first glass sided
trailer ever, but more followed it, some built by Ivo, some built by others.
Ivo had heard years ago that what was left of the trailer still existed in
central coastal California and was able to assist Ron Johnson in buying what
was left of the trailer. Ron got the hulk back to his shop in May and with
assistance of friends in his local area was able to piece it back together
again. It was completed hours before it was time to head out for








*The names of the "drivers" were taken off the pre-entry list and may not be totally correct at game time. Send corrections to CHRR Driver Corrections


Leading off the push start cars was Eily Stafford in Ray Lake's Cook & Bedwell reproduction.




Next out was original driver Roger Garten in the Tocco-Harper-Garten AA/FA.




Original owner/driver Gary Cochran in the seat of the restored ''Mr. C" A/MR.




Original driver Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn in the restored Schultz & Glenn 1971 World Championship Tuttle car. The wheelbase and engine placement made this car very unique. Restored and owned by Gerber Racing.





Bill Crosby was back in his Bobby Langley "Scorpion V" recreation.





The beautiful Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda" AA/FD with owner Bob Hirsch in the seat.





Dave Uyehara in the Herbert, Raynor & Bishop AA/FD.




Cacklefest staple Jesse Schrank was back in the Shrank Bros. BB/FD




A welcome addition to the cacklecar ranks is the real deal, "Gentleman Joe" Schubeck who restored his 1964 fueler and trust me, he's having a ball. Keep your eyes out for some new products coming out of Schubeck's machine shop geared exclusively for cacklecars.





Back for its 2nd year was the Atlas Oil Tool Spec. (business coupe edition) of Keith Brednich who was in the seat.




Talk about staples, original Smokers member Wayne King was back to his home strip with the restored Doss, Clayton & King AA/FD.




Roger Lee was back in his highly touted Masters & Richter tribute car.




Wilton & Doss


Donnie Johansen debuted the running version of the restored Howard Cams "Twin Bear" that was campaigned in the early 60's by the late great Jack Chrisman.




Bartlett Bros. & Moore AA/GD with Gary Ritter in the seat.





Lon Bonnett in the "Pavement Shaker"





Original owner/driver Don Ewald was back in the seat of the Ewald Bros. "BankAmericar".

Back Story: The Hey Chad (of bangshift.com) message was the product of a plan by announcer, Mike English. The deal was to attract Chad's attention and flash the plate. Seems Chad didn't get the memo and was climbing up to his camera tower as I pushed by. Great timing for a piss.






No ID on the driver of the Fuller & Dunlap Woody car that was raced in the 60's then brought out of retirement to run in the fledgling Nostalgia Top Fuel class in the early 90's where it won a championship.



Maxed Out Racing's crew chief, Mario Garcia got the set in John Ewald's Mastercar.






No ID in the slick Cracklin' Rose Jr. Fuel car.




Out next was one of the Original Nine cars to participate in Cacklefest. Carl Olson in the Mike Kuhl 1970 Woody car.




Jim Wearanga in his "Varmit" was back for its second year.



Original driver Jerry King in the Cross, Mann & King Jr. Fuel car.



Bobby Hansen in his "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD





Making its CHRR debut was the Jenkins, T-Bar & Cortines late model powered AA/FD owned and driven by Bob Gibson.




Dave Grassi in his Austin & Grassi restored Top Gas car.




Back for its second CHRR appearance was the gold plated 1971 Peebles & Williams TF car with original driver Chip Woodall in the seat.




Bill Tidwell was in the first of two John Wiebe cars, this his 1971 AA/FD.





Bob DeBurn in the Copperhead C/D



Debut of the Mailliard Automotive Eng. sidewinder with Jack Gillett in the seat.




Brazil & Brower AA/GD that belongs to Allen & Debbie Bridges, from Clarksville, Arkansas. Allen is in charge of the Simpson Road Show display at National Events.
Driven by veteran chassis builder J. Ed Horton. Body by Al Bergler.




Tommy"The Watchdog" Allen in his Allen & Huff "Woody Trick Car". This car is for sale.





Mike Clancy was in the seat of Jay Carpenters "Southwind III".




Thunder Chief AA/FD with owner Terry Mastrejuan in the seat.




Danny Rice in the Rice and Williams AA/FD out of Lakewood, Colorado. Owned by Danny Rice (son of the late Bill Rice) and Mark Williams.




Red Greth in the legendary Fisher & Greth Speed Sport A/MR aka "Ol Noisy".




John Wiebe's "Violin Car" owned by Lynn Bruch and Don Love of Port Angeles, WA. had TF champ Rob Bruins doing the driving.





Back for his third Cacklefest was Dan Rini in his "Canadian" AA/FD.





Cacklefest vet Pete Eastwood was back in his Ed Pink "Old Master" AA/FD.




Another Sophomore CHRR cacklecar was the Groundshakers Jr. with owner and original driver Glenn Way in the seat.



The legendary Harry Hibler was chosen for the seat in the beautiful 1971 Tony Nancy Top Fuel car.





Don "The Wavemaker" Prieto was back with his Hustler VI. And yes, this is how the car was towed in the day.



Harry Burkholder would not miss a CHRR, back again in the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA.



Another guy who lives for the CHRR is Ron Stearns in his Ratican, Jackson & Stearns AA/A.




Australian based Ash Marshall "Scorcher" AA/FD Steve Easton up.




In the seat of Don Bowman's fueler was Nostalgia Top Fuel shoe and the guy who made the restoration happen, Brendan Murry.




Original driver Walt Stevens was back in the seat of Paul Schavrien's "The Poachers" AA/FD.





Birthday boy Paul Humenik was in "The Impostor".




Gary "Mr C" Cochran's restored RED. No ID on the laid back driver here, Gary was in his restored roadster.




Out of Bucky Austin's cacklecar stable, the Dailey & Johnson late model hemi powered fueler; no ID on driver... its not Hank Johnson.





Long time Bill Pitts/Magicar crewman, Vince Yamasaki in the seat of the car that started it all. For the push start original driver Jeep Hampshire was at the controls.




The multi-tasking Mike Lewis got the seat in Ron Johnson's "ChiZler". Aside from being Don Schumacher's PR guy, Lewis was also driving the 'Nitro Nick" Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car that experienced a dramatic body launch during the first qualifying session on Friday.




This year marked the long awaited debut of the Tom Hoover "Fish Bowl" Woody/Hanna car. Steve Anderson lovingly recreated this classic piece and had Hoover himself in the car for Cacklefest.





Jessica Anderson was back in the seat of another of the original nine, "Vagabond". This car only makes one appearance a year, this is it.




Ex-Top Fuel and Funny car pilot, ESPN Color Commentator and now CHRR Grand Marshall, Mike Dunn capped his "super" weekend with a Cacklefest ride in the Waterman & Hampshire "legs under" RCS car.





I don't think anyone has more fun at these deals than the legendary and irrepressable "TV Tommy" Ivo who was back again in Ron Johnson's "Barnstormer" recreation.







The last car out was Sonny Messner in his Don Garlit's "Swamp Rat III".






The Safford-Gaide-Ratican dragster was brought up from the museum out of respect for Kenny Safford who we lost this past year. His wife Carolyn was there with family.






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