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Drivers Meeting & Practice Push Starts


As always, on Thursday afternoon there was a mandatory meeting for all cacklecar owners, drivers and crews.


Steve Gibbs, along with Greg Sharp and Larry Fisher went over the game plan for this years Cacklefest, especially for the first timers. Unfortunately, once again, there were those who slept through the class and made dumb mistakes anyway.



This was also a great time for guys like Dan Kaplan to get candid shots of some of the players.



Harry Burkholder and Robert Reel





Don Prieto


Terry Mastrejuan


Bob Brown


Bill Pitts and Sonny Messner


Ron Johnson


Wayne King


Joel Gruzen


Randy Bradford


Eily Stafford


Jim Sorenson


Roger Lee and Rich Guasco


Walt Stevens


Jeep Hampshire




Jesse Schrank


Ross Preen





Ronnie Hampshire



Sharp explaining the virtues of an in-n-out box for the cacklecars. This model comes from the Hampshire Bros.



Kenny Logan


Trevor Larkin, John Paxson and Bob DeBurn


Peter Broadribb signing the larger than life Frank Baney.... a joke among friends. Frank missed CHRR due to family deal...and the guys still wanted his "presence".



Joe Schubeck and Don Ewald







Again this year the test push starts were enforced for any new driver or a driver in a new car. Then there were many vets who just got out to make sure everything was good to go for Saturday night. There were more than several breaks in the program (4.5 hours of track clean up) to allow the tests to go on. For the names of who were in the cars see the Parade Page.


To get more tests in most were done going up the push road. Several cars got a jump on things doing their tests on Thursday.
































The remainder of the shots are from Friday and Saturday.















































































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