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Cacklefest, the Back Story

Backing up, there is more to the Cacklefest than the feature events.There are the static starts in the pits, practice push starts (required for new cars/drivers), bench racing and remembering those who are no longer with us. Here are some shots, representative of the weekend, in no particular order.





Thursday was for ducks, kids and bench racing.



















You call this a lobster?
















The long distance award went to Californian Rod McCarrell (on right) with his brother-in-law.


Cody and Ray Helger











There were practice push starts amid the racing.










Steve Gibbs gave the instructions for Cacklefest at the mandatory "Drivers Meeting".


The Cowl. We all know the story of Don and the Jade Grenade (he crashed the car resulting in the loss of his left leg). Well once I knew this event was happening and I knew who owned the cowl I sent Mike Goyda an email to see if he would be attending. He said he was so we arranged for Mike to bring the cowl with him, this was the only cowl that Don actually had his name on as a driver. We were able to keep this as a surprise and once I knew where Mike had set up his booth and once I saw Don had arrived. I asked Don for a few minutes of his time and headed for Mikes booth. Well we pulled the cowl out and had this mini reunion between Don and his cowl. I think the surprise went over well!! I would like to Thank Mike Goyda for making it all happen. Text by Mike McCarthy


Speaking of Roberts, Paul "Ernie" Broughton brought his Comanche restoration with hopes of having Don do the Cacklefest in it. He spent the entire event trying to get the car running, but could not make this happen for the Cacklefest. Don did get into the car as they did get it to fire briefly. He looked happy in there!! Hopefully by next year they will make it happen.














Jim Walther


Al Segrini



That's all folks!


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