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Here are some shots taken throughout the weekend in no particular order. I'll insert names when possible.... I don't know everybody.


The 2nd Nitro Alumni Auction started on Friday morning and ran until 5 PM on Saturday. The silent auction featured some 125 items with something for all tastes and budgets. The end net was $23,000+ that went directly to the support of the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum. Thanks to all who contributed the items and to those who opened their wallets to buy them.





Lots of coats and team shirts.








Kent Fuller dragster steering wheel.



Geri Tarvin with her hand made 1:6 scale model of her Nitro Therapy AA/FD.







Leigh Buttera with her hand made drag racing T-shirt quilt.



Camp Johnson. Ron's Barnstormer and ChiZler with a Garilis interloper.




Gloria Gibbs with her hand made Linda Vaughan doll that brought $500.00













The Beebe Bros, & Sixt AA/FD reproduction in progress.







The Burkholder's, Harry on right.


The lovely Cindy Gibbs and NHRA photog Marc Gewertz


Jeep Hampshire and Bill Pitts


???, Jim Hume and Steve Davis


Gwen McWilliams and Ron Huegli who races his 7.0 Pro Tiki Warrior funny car.


Gwen and "Jungle Pam" Hardy


Bill Tidwell was surprised by the presentation of a new helmet painted like his lid in the day.


The annual Standard 1320 Group photo.



Blake Bowser


Memorials to Steve "Nitro Man" Wallace were all over the place.


Few would argue that Steve Reyes was one of the top 5 photographers in drag racing history. Prior to this he had never sat in a dragster. Needless to say, it was an experience for the big guy.





Donny Couch in the Yeakel Plymouth Spec. doing a broadcast for Speed Scene Live.



Ron Johnson doing some major tune-up work (Cacklefest style) on the ChiZler.




Dennis Prater (right) and his two brothers.


Adam Sorokin and John Bowser



Larry Fisher and Tom McEwen


Vance & Wilma Hunt










Leigh Buttera with a cutout of her Dad, John with the last front and rear engine dragsters he ever built. The RED was never complete. Leigh with the help of Steve Davis got it looking race ready for the CHRR. Like all of Lil John's work, its very different and trick.


Harley and Geno


Mousie Marcellus


Bill "G-O" McNatt, the track goto guy.


Art Chrisman with son Mike.


Kicked back Kenny Youngblood









Stan Berry in Wayne King's fueler.
















Don Ewald & Gerry Glenn








Chad Reynolds and Brian Losness of Bangshift.com who did an outstanding job of covering the event live online.


Darrell and Pam Conrad with John & Don Ewald


Dan Kaplan, Ross Preen and Geri Tarvin in her Nitro Therapy.


Herm Petersen doing the tech inspections on the Cacklecars.


Justin & Stephen Arias - Cindy's Kids. Justin did his first push start in the Poachers AA/FD on Friday, down the track. Steven did the practice push start on the return road on Sunday, then pushed down the track a few hours later.




Dave Sammons had his restored Ray Caselli "Panic Mouse" Blown Fuel Flatbottom was on display in The Grove.








The Bradey & Romero "Mr. Flathead" car was on display for the last time. After the CHRR it went to the NHRA Motorsports Museum as its new home.



Some pit thrashing on the Magicar.






Ken Fuller's XF/FS flathead powered LSR car.




Don Tubbs who's played a key role in getting the project done.





Geri Tarvin's 1:6 scale model of her car that went for big bucks at the auction.




















Mike Goyda who's a huge collector of drag racing memorabilia and supporter of the museum auction - he had never sat in a dragster let alone fire one.





Paul Rossi, Chuck Goebel, Jim Rossi, Frank Baney and long time family friend of the Baney's, Dan Larson









Lex Swayn, the Aussie owner of the car is on the left with Steve and Greg Goodnight who are related to the late Gary Goodnight, one of the three principals of the car back in the day.



Gil Rothweiler, Bob Keith and Bob Brown at one of those impromptu meet ups that occur at the CHRR. This photo is from 2012.


Left to right. Gil, Tim, Pat Schultz (Bob Keith's nephew), Greg Goodnight, (Steve's son) Terre, Steve Goodnight, Lex, Chris Goodnight, Randy Rothweiler (Terre's Dad), Elmer, Jamie Goodnight, (Chris Son) Joey Rothweiler, Jet Car Bob Smith in car.





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