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After thirteen years the Cacklefest is no longer a novelty but the feature event. The exact number of fans who come to the CHRR strictly for the cacklecars is unknown but all agree it is substantial. The SRO Saturday crowd bears that out. This year the Chamber of Commerce weather didn't hurt matters at all.

As it was in 2012, Cacklefest was broken up into two programs. Only the push start cars were in the Saturday evening parade and Cacklefest that saw over 70 cars light up the night sky. All the self start cars were suppose to wait until Sunday, before the second round of Top Fuel, to do their show. Unfortunately the race program ran into problems and the self-start cars had to bow out.

On behalf of all of us who participated this year a huge thank you to those who made it happen. The dedicated staff at the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and their volunteers, John and Blake Bowser and their excellent Famoso crew, Don Irvin and the Safety Safari team and most of all the thousands of fans who, in spite of this horrible economy, still made the trip to our Mecca.

That said, we hope you enjoy our photo coverage of the 2013 CHRR Cacklefest.


Prior to the start of the parade it is a tradition to read the name of those who have left us since the 2012 CHRR. Each year the list seems to get longer and this was no exception. It is a sobering reminder of why we have these reunions in the first place.

Marlene Allen
Walt Arfons
Wally Arnold
Teddy Austin
Pat Berardini
Bob Bond
J.D. Braswell
Gordon Brickin
Harold Bridges
Steve Brooks
Fred Carrillo
Paul Candies
Dominic Cardoza
Harvey Crane
Bill DeCarr
Marian Deist
Jack Delaney
Sam DiFatta
Mike Dollins
Steve Duke
Gary Ebert
Diane Edmunds
Rich Enos
Fred Fischbach
Paul Gerber
Roy Golightly
Aaron Green
Dale Ham
Doug Hartelt
Dan Higgins
"Big John" Hunt
Dean Jeffries
Jim Khougaz
Dana Kimmel
Ralph Kitron
Bob Knapp
Bobby Lagana, Sr.
Lyn Leffler
Shorty Leventon
Bob Lidell
Art Malone
David May
John Menzler
Danny Miller
Ken Montgomery
Chuck Nelson
Frank Nelson, Sr.
Martha Nelson
Tammy Ferrell Oberhofer
Ed Ostishay
Norman "Moose" Pearah
Larry Petrich
Danny Porche
Joe Reath
Phil Remington
Dick Russell
Satch Ryan
Derek Sanchez
Ernie Schorb
Tak Shiramizu
A.B. Shuman
Watus Simpson
Dale Singh
Richard Siroonian
Joyce Smith
Phil Soares
Roy Steen
Jim Thomas
Dorothy Thorley
Bill Thurmond
Brian Van Dyke
Steve "Nitroman" Wallace
Larry Waite
Tony Waters
Jeff Watkins
Les Welch
Bob Westphal
Tom Williford
Bob Williams
Bill Wright


Leading off the parade were the Honorees starting with Tommy Allen.


Ray Brizio


Jim DeFrank


John Rasmussen


Grand Marshall, Butch Leal




*The names of the "drivers" were taken off the pre-entry list and may not be totally correct at game time. Send corrections to CHRR Driver Corrections



Leading off the push start cars was John Wiebe.




Next out was original driver Roger Garten in the Tocco-Harper-Garten AA/FA.




Turk-Woolsley & Cox Buick powered gas dragster won the short wheelbase award. In the seat was Bob DeBurn, former owner of Paradise Alley and the Poison Ivy cars.





Ron Hampshire in the Waterman & Hampshire RCS legs under fueler.





Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn in the newly restored Schultz & Glenn 1971 World Championship Tuttle car. The wheelbase and engine placement made this car very unique.





Red Greth in the legendary Fisher & Greth Speed Sport A/MR aka "Ol Noisy".





The Howard Cams Rattler with Justin Arias driving in the parade. Larry Dixon Sr. first fired the Smirnoff car, and then hurried down to get in the Rattler…only to have a problem…and it did not start.



Gary "Mr C" Cochran in his restored RED. Gary was one of three drivers who did double duty this year (push starting two different cars) as he also drove his restored roadster.




Jessica Anderson in the Vagabond, one of the original eight.





Tom McIntyre in the Weiss & Larkin Top Gas car.




Another Cacklefest newby was the Atlas Oil Tool Spec. (business coupe edition) of Tom Scott and Keith Brednich. Jimmy Scott in the seat.





Aussie, Ross Preen in Geri Tarvin's "Nitro Therapy" AA/FD.





The "Varmit" was a surprise debut entry by Jim Wearanga, from Durham, CA. This car is a real beauty.





The beautiful Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda" AA/FD with owner Bob Hirsch in the seat.




The Gruzen family Newhouse Special with Dave Gruzen up.





Back for its second Cacklefest was Dan Rini's "Canadian" AA/FD.





Jim Frye, driver in the Ol' Timer.




Original driver Jeep Hampshire in Bill Pitts' "Magicar".





Bartlett Bros. & Moore AA/FD with Gary Ritter in the seat.




Neil O'Kane in the slick Cracklin' Rose Jr. Fuel car.





Don "The Wavemaker" Prieto in his Hustler VI.





Ron Stearns in his Ratican, Jackson & Stearns  AA/A




Larry Dixon Sr. back in the seat of the Smirnoff AA/FD owned by Joe Passalaqua.






Jon Rowley in the Allison powered Green Monster 5.




I had to do it....


Australian based Ash Marshall "Scorcher" AA/FD with Dennis Young aboard.




Terre Rothweiler in the Courtesy Chevrolet Spl. AA/D of Lex Swayne and Bob Keith.






Another of the dozen debut cars was the Groundshakers Jr. with owner and original driver Glenn Way in the seat.




Danny Rice in the Rice and Williams AA/FD out of Lakewood, Colorado. Owned by Danny Rice (son of the late Bill Rice) and Mark Williams.





Newby Wilton & Doss BBC powered fueler with Bobby Evans doing the honors.





Without question the flashiest car debut went to the gold plated 1971 Peebles & Williams TF car with Chip Woodall in the seat.





Bobby Hansen in his "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD




Original driver Jerry King in the Cross, Mann & King Jr. Fuel car.




Pete Eastwood in his Ed Pink "Old Master" AA/FD.





Leaving his Trick Car at home, Tommy Allen was out with the newly completed Larry Huff's Soapy Sales fueler. This was a beautiful car in its day and is a stunner in its after life.





Roger Lee in his Masters & Richter tribute car.







Cacklefest vet Sam Chastain in the Iron Horse AA/FD.






Jerry Ruth's 1969 car driven by former NHRA FC World Champion Frank Hall.




Jay Carpenter's "Southwind III "AA/FD with Mike Clancy at the wheel.





John Wiebe's "Violin Car" owned by Lynn Bruch and Don Love of Port Angeles, WA. No ID who's in the car for the parade, but John Wiebe was in it for the push start. He also drove the other Wiebe car owned by Wayne Patrick and Gary Meehleis.




John Ewald in his Mastercar AA/FD






Bill Dunlap in the Fuller & Dunlap car, another new entry.





Original driver Don Ewald in the BankAmericar AA/FD. Ewald took a bad fall on Friday and after the parade decided that he did not want to take the chance of having the injuries effect him on the push start so on the top end he relinquished the seat to Bob Muravez.






Yeakel Plymouth Spl. AA/FD with Paul Rossi .





Harry Burkholder in the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA





Original driver Hank Johnson in the Dailey & Johnson AA/FD.





Dave West in his very popular Beebe & Mulligan tribute car.





Newby by Gary (dad) and Andy (son) Humenik of Cerritos, CA. Andy built the car from ground up under the tutelage of Steve Davis. Call the car "The Importer". Andy's a great young enthusiast, and very talented.




Bill "The Captain" Tidwell had the honors in The Poachers entry.





Bennie Osborn in his "Brand X" AA/GD..




Schrank Bros. BB/FD with no ID in the seat.





Gingrass & Dearmore with Alan Webb in the seat.





John Mullins in the Benny Osborn AA/FD.





Cacklefest staple with original driver Wayne King in the Doss, Clayton & King AA/FD.





in the Ford powered Mr. C roadster was Robert Casado, co-owner of the restoration. The other co-owners are Steve and Ron Poe. (son & father), and Fred Seay, (a machinist at Donovan's). Gary Cochran himself was in the car for Cacklefest.





Don Bowman in his debut entry.




Drew Mraz got the 2013 seat in Ron Johnson's ChiZler.






The irrepressible Tom Ivo in the Ron Johnson "Barnstormer"?








Jerry "The King" Ruth in his 1970 Don Long business coupe.





Last but not least, Sonny Messner rolled out in his Swamp Rat III.






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