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Practice Push Starts


Before anybody did anything there was a mandatory meeting for all Cacklefest owners, drivers and crews on Thursday.


Steve Gibbs, along with Greg Sharp went over the game plan for this years Cacklefest® especially for the first timers. Unfortunately, once again there were those who slept through the class and made dumb mistakes anyway.





Orah Mae Millar and Sharon Muravez


Wayne King


Jerry Ruth and Herm Petersen


Don Ewald


Kenny Logan


Ron Hampshire



Gwen McWilliams, Art Chrisman and Greg Sharp









This year the test push starts were enforced for any new driver or a driver in a new car. And there were many vets who just got out to make sure everything was good to go Saturday night. There were several breaks in the program to allow the tests to go on. For the names of who were in the cars see the Parade Page.


To get more tests in most were done going up the push road.












On Friday 19 year old Justin Arias made his Cacklefest debut in a big way. A push start in the Poachers TF car chute and all. He handled it like a pro... its obviously in the genes.












































































































































22 year old Steven Arias with mom Cindy got his push start in the Poachers down the return road on Sunday, then pushed down the track a few hours later.







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