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Indianapolis, IN - Sept. 02-05, 2011: As part of the NHRA's 60 Anniversary, several quality cacklecars were invited to attend and perform at the Big GO, the U.S. Nationals. As usual, the best way to showcase any Cacklefest is with photos so here are a few from the event that featured some of the wildest weather swings in Indy history.

Time line: 8 cars a static start at Schumacher’s shop on Friday afternoon.

All 22 cars did a static “Line of Fire” at track Friday evening right before fuel qualifying, and all 22 did push start Cackle on Monday afternoon, between semi’s and finals.









Through out the weekend the cars had prime real estate to give the fans a great look at history.


Dave Dupps beautifully restored 1961 A/GD of "Sneaky Pete" Robinson and Willard Word.




Brian Perrenot was on hand with the restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C.



Ron Johnson's "Chris Karamesines ChiZler" made the long trip east.




Jerry Baltes had the Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD center court.


The Bronson Special built in the late 40s or early 50s (the actual date is unknown). Original owners grandson, Bill Bronson restored the car and it is a staple at east coast cackle events. It's the oldest cacklecar there is.


Another oldie is Paul Stevens "LIttle Puffer" from 1956.



Dragmaster Dart


Benny "The Wizard Osborn"





Bob Bilbow's "Lyndwood Welding Special".




Jon Rowley's "Green Monster"


David Hoyh's "Swamp Fox "




John Lucas' "Lucas & Priesing"


Dom Parris' Twin


Don & Ken Fox's "Bellweather Auto Spl."




Jerry Baltes' Croshier, Baltes & Lavato



Out of the Bergler stable - Gang Green


Al Bergler "More Aggravation"



Barnes & Gladstone "Michigander"


Big's "Swamp Rat 12 "



1960 Dragmaster


Two of the good guys from The Big Show... Del Worsham and Larry Dixon Jr. were hanging around the cacklecars and signing autographs.




Friday Afternoon at Schumacher's Open House











John Loukas




Steve Gibbs with Joe Passelaquas beautiful Smirnoff AA/FD.





Friday Evening Static Cacklefest


We don't have a lot of photos of this session but you get the idea.



In the Lyndwood dragster was Norn “Rabbit” Samuels.



Bill Bronson


Bellweather Auto Spl. with Don's grand daughter Emma Fox in the seat.






Baltes car but not Jerry in the seat???


Roy "Goob" Tuller was in the Tony Nancy Sizzler.


Larry Dixon Sr. was in the Smirnoff car for both the static and push starts.


Neil Leffler was also in car for both the static and push starts.






Sunday Cacklefest Parade

During the Sunday parade, they were having a racing delay due to slight mist which affected the crowd in the background. Attendance was actually pretty good.


Larry Dixon Sr.










Sunday afternoon there was a pre-cacklefest parade with Leo Taugher along with Steve Gibbs announced the information to the fans. Bill Bronson in his Bronson Special led the way.



Bob Gladstone in the Michigander.



Ron Bergler was in Gang Green .



Al Bergler was in the seat of his More Aggravation .



Mike Lewis was in Ron Johnson's "ChiZler".




Bob Bilbow in his Lyndwood Welding Spec.



Rex Stevens in the Little Puffer .


Jerry Baltes in the Croshier-Baltes-Lavato fueler.



Larry Dixon Sr. in Smirnoff (son Larry Jr. was close by)


Southwind (Pete Robinson) had Mike Roth in the seat.




Green Monster with Jon Rowley driving.


John Dearmore put Allen Webb in his car for the push start.


No on list?


Don Trasin took the seat in his Jade Grenade.



Who better than John Wiebe to be in the restored John Wiebe car.


Neil Leffler in the Loukas & Priesing AA/MFC.


Another Bergler car, it was the Logghe Special with John Logghe up.


Gretchen Shelby once again got the seat of the Gizzle Hopper.



Ken Fox took the seat of the Bellweather Auto Spl.


Bennie "The Wizard"Osborn in his old ride.




Sunday Push Start Cacklefest






Left to right, Ron Johnson, Mike Lewis in car, Kol Johnson, Jim Coffee (push car owner), in Ranchero bed left Jim’s bother Terry, Mike’s wife Vicky and Mike Bunch.





























The cars pushed down in order - oldest to newest....

 Bronson Special  Bill Bronson
 Little Puffer  Rex Stevens
 Green Monster  Jon Rowley
 Loukas & Priesing Neil Leffler
 Lyndwood Welding  Bob Bilbow
 Southwind (Pete Robinson)  Mike Roth
 Gizzle Hopper  Gretchen Shelby
 Croshier, Baltes & Lavato  Jerry Baltes
 ChiZler  Mike Lewis
 Michigander  Bob Gladstone
 Swamp Fox  Harold Brewer
 Bellweather Auto Spl.  Don & Ken Fox
 Smirnoff  Larry Dixon, Sr.
 More Aggravation  Al Bergler
 Gang Green  Ron Bergler
 Logghe Special  John Logghe
 John Dearmore  Allen Webb
 Bennie "Wizard" Osborn  Bennie Osborn
 Kansas John Wiebe  John Wiebe
 Jade Grenade  Don Trasin
 Tony Nancy Sizzler  Roy "Goob" Tuller
 Swamp Rat 12  Don Garlits

We apologize for the lack of Cacklefest proper images but photo access was very limited by the NHRA.








Ron Johnson, Kol Johnson and Mike Lewis after a very successful Cacklefest.


Check back for coverage of our next event.

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