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After eleven years the Cacklefest is no longer a novelty but is an established big show within a bigger show. The exact number of fans who come to the CHRR strictly for the cacklecars is unknown but all agree it is substantial. The SRO Saturday crowd bears that out. This year the Chamber of Commerce weather didn't hurt matters a bit.

Last year, because of its growth, Cacklefest was broken up into two programs. Only the push start cars would be in the Saturday evening parade and Cacklefest. All the self start cars had to wait until Sunday, before the second round of Top Fuel, to do their show. It was no different this year and the show was run in a timely manner and without any major issues.

On behalf of all of us who participate this year a huge thank you to those who made it happen. The dedicated staff at the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum and their volunteers, John and Blake Bowser and their excellent Famoso crew, Don Irvin and the Safety Safari team and most of all the thousands of fans who, in spite of this horrible economy, still made the trip to our Mecca.

That said, we hope you enjoy our photo coverage of the 2011 CHRR Cacklefest.




After the somber reading of the family members we lost since the 2009 CHRR by Dave McClelland, Cacklefest kicked off with the presentation on the Honorees.


Leading off was the introduction of the 2011 Honorees led by Harry Hibler.



Local favorite, Wayne King



Dwight Salisbury in Bill Holland's beautiful roadster.



Representing the recently deceased George Santos were two members of his family.



From Freight Train fame, John Peters



Last out was the Grand Marshall, Steve Gibbs and his wife Gordy.







The Warren, Coburn & Miller car was rolled out onto the track for a final tribute to the late Ridge Route Terrors. James' helmet poised on top of the roll bar. Gary Ritter handled the starter.


With the engine lit in the driverless car the only sound was nitro. The WCM team truly are legends, especially here in their hometown.





Leading off the push start cars was "Stormin Norman" Weekly in the Frantic 4 car of Weekly, Rivero, Fox & Holding.





Roger Lee in his recreation of the Brissette & Sutherland AA/FD.





The slick Jr. Fuel car of Neil O'Kane.





Jesse Schrank in the Shrank Bros. BB/FD






"Fast Jack" Beckman got the seat in Geri Tarvin's brand new piece.







Another car making its CHRR debut was the Hundley & Boggs AA/FD with chassis builder J. Ed Horton in the seat.






Sam Chastain was back with his slick Iron Horse AA/FD.






Terry Maestrejuan was one of the few drivers who suited up in the staging lanes. That's too much mask time for most of us.






The Egbert Bros. - Seaman - Cooper 'Outcast 1' out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Vern Scholz driving.




Another newby is the Blackmore, Carpenter and Cardoza fueler with Dominic Cardoza at the controls.





Honoree Harry Hibler had the honor of firing the Waterman & Hampshire car.





Tommy "The Watchdog" Allen in his Woody Trick Car.





Original driver Jeep Hampshire in the car that started all of this, Bill Pitts' "Magicar".






Arguably the most photographed car over the weekend was the Preen family's "Banshee". The car was restored in Australia, shipped to the U.S. and prepped by Rick MacDonald in San Diego. The family flew in and hit the ground running. They also won the "we're having the most fun" award.


One of the original drivers, Morrie Carlton was in the car for the parade but owner, Ross Preen did the push start.





No fun at all....






Yet another car making its debut was the Rice & Williams AA/FD with Mark Williams driving.






Making its ninth CHRR appearance was the BankAmericar with original driver Don Ewald in the seat.






Roger Garten was back with the Tocco-Harper-Garten AA/FA.





The second new car in the Mark Williams camp was the newly restored Alan Bockla car owned and driven by Ken Gupton.





Dressed in its "Big Hook" tribute cowl was John Ewald's Mastercar.







Weiss & Larkin Top Gas car with Tom Mcintyre in the seat. Sadly we lost "Lil Tommy" Larkin just days before the CHRR.





Kenton Greth in the Speed Sport I (aka "Ol' Noisy") that was campaigned by his father, Red.





Back with his behemoth Allison powered Green Monster A/D with owner Jon Rowley in the seat. They added dual slicks on each side this year to make it more accurate as it was in the day.





Pete Eastwood in his restored Ed Pink "Old Master". This car had more than one life. Pink sold it to Bruce Wheeler and it became the "Wheeler Dealer". Eastwood chose the original, business coupe version driven by Mike Snively.






Herm Petersen in his Washington based Petersen & Fitz AA/FD.






Dave Uyehara in the Herbert, Raynor & Bishop AA/FD.






Original owner/driver Larry Dixon was in the Bucky Austin restored Fireside Inn.





Cross, Mann & King J/F with Jerry King back in the seat.





The Yeakel Plymouth Spl. AA/FD of Baney-Rossi-Goebel piloted by Paul Rossi.





The world famous Kenny Youngblood got his first Cacklefest ride in Ron Johnson's "ChiZler".







Honoree Wayne King in his Doss-Clayton-King car.







The only Chevy powered car on hand was a stout one. Dennis Fenstermaker 's "Pipedream Racing" AA/FD with original owner/driver Roger Gates up.






Tommy Ivo was back in Ron Johnson owned "Barnstormer".






The Hustler VI of Don Prieto. The car used a front end dolly then so Don has one now.






Ratican, Jackson & Stearns A/FA with Ron Stearns in his old seat.




Next out was the beautifully restored Tom McEwen Tirend Spec. No ID on the driver here but it was Bill Tidwell for the push start.





Bobby Hansen and his Wynn's Spoiler are now a Cacklefest regular.






Jerry "The King" Ruth in his Bucky Austin restored 1970 Don Long car.






No info on this other than it has Bowman & Olson on the cowl. The six point cage, kidney bars and blower straps really hurt its "look".




It was good to see George Bolthoff back with his AA/GD.





The last of three Bucky Austin restos on hand was Hank Johnson in the Dailey & Johnson late model powered Don Long car.






Carl Olson in the Kuhl & Olson fueler which is one of the nine cars that participated in the first Cacklefest.






Always on the best looking car list, the Anaconda AA/FD of Bob Hirsch.






Regular driver Walt Stevens was injured and could not comfortably get in and out of The Poachers on his own. Therefore Cameron Ferre stepped in at the last moment and did the Cacklefest. Cameron is a successful Supercomp racer working his way up in Top Fuel.





Another Cacklefest staple is the 1969 Beebe & Mulligan car owned and driven by Dave West.






Burkholder Bros. AA/FA with Harry Burkholder in the cockpit.





Bob DeBurn's Paradise Alley





The third Honoree to do the Cacklefest was Dwight Salisbury in the Addict.






The Safford, Gaide & Ratican AA/FD with what looks like Safford's grandson as his son, Kenny Safford, Jr. did the actual Cacklefest.





Back for his second Cacklefest Shawn Fink in his SPE car.






John Peters had one of his original drivers, Sam Davis, in the Freight Train.






Bob Muravez got the seat in the Howard Cams Rattler.





The final car to go up was Sonny Messner in his Swamp Rat 3 AA/FD.






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