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Before anybody did anything there was a mandatory meeting for all Cacklefest owners, drivers and crews on Thursday.


In the past the "rules" had not been strictly enforced. This year they were. All cars had to go through tech, safety (including firesuits in the pits) was stressed. During the Cacklefest there were offenses that would prevent a car from coming back in the future. All this was long overdue and this time Gibbs laid it out in a way people knew he meant it.










This year the test push starts were enforced for any new driver or a driver in a new car. And there were many vets who just got out to make sure everything was good to go Saturday night. There were several breaks in the program to allow the tests to go on.


To save time many of the tests were done coming up the push road. You can't miss the plumed helmet of George "The Stoneage Man" Hutcheson.










Dwight Salisbury in the Addict.



Bowman & Olson





Larry Dixon in the Fireside Inn roadster.




Harry Hibler in the Waterman & Hampshire RCS car.



Dave Gruzen doing the first push start in the Cagle/Newhouse roadster.




Dominic Cardoza in the Carpenter & Cardoza car.


Jack Beckman had no problem with Geri Tarvin's new fueler.







Shawn Fink




Sonny Messner and Kenny Youngblood in the ChiZler.
















Paul Sutherland in the Olde Timer.




Roger Gates




Bobby Hansen in his Wynns Spoiler.



The BankAmericar got a new clutch over the winter so it was a good idea to make sure the engine turned over.









Jesse Schrank


Dave West in his Beebe & Mulligan fueler.





Mike Leach capped his push start with a burnout in The Poachers.






Terry Maestrejuan in his Super Chief



Ross Preen in his Banshee.





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2011 CHRR
Cacklefest Entrants

 Hustler 1 AA/FD  Art Chrisman
 Howard Cams Rattler  Bob Muravez
 Kuhl & Olson AA/FD  Carl Olson
 McEwen/Tirend Spl. AA/FD  Bill Tidwell
 Hustler VI AA/FD  Don Prieto
 BankAmericar AA/FD  Don Ewald
 MasterCar AA/FD  John Ewald
 Iron Horse AA/FD  Sam Chastain
 Brissette & Sutherland AA/FD  Roger Lee
 Frantic Four AA/FD  Norm Weekly
 Weiss & Larkin Top Gas  Tom Mcintyre
 Thunder Chief AA/FD  Terry Maestrejuan
 Yeakel Plymouth Spl. AA/FD  Paul Rossi
 Roger Gates - Pipedream Racing AA/FD  Roger Gates
 Swamp Rat 3 AA/FD  Sonny Messner
 Green Monster A/D  Jon Rowley
 Outcast AA/FA  Vern Scholz
 Poachers AA/FD  Walt Stevens
 Stone Age Man AA/FD  George Hutcheson
 Gingrass & Dearmore AA/FD  Alan Webb
 Olde Timer AA/FD  Paul Sutherland
 Banshee AA/FD  Ross Preen
 Beebe & Mulligan AA/FD  Dave West
 Schrank Bros BB/FD  Jesse Schrank
 Chizler AA/FD  Kenny Youngblood
 Barnstormer AA/FD  Tommy Ivo
 Rice & Williams AA/FD  Mark Williams
 High Heaven AA/FA  Les Jackson
 Herbert, Raynor & Bishop AA/FD  Dave Uyehara
 Woody's Trick Car AA/FD  Tommy Allen
 George Bolthoff AA/GD  George Bolthoff
 Cagle - Newhouse AA/MR  Dave Gruzen
 Waterman & Hampshire AA/FD  Ronnie Hampshire
 Frank Bartlett AA/FD  Frank Bartlett
 Paradise Alley AA/FD  
 Shawn Fink AA/FD  Shawn Fink
 Anaconda AA/FD  Bob Hirsch
 Neil O'Kane J/F  Neil O'Kane
 Safford, Gaide & Ratican AA/FD  Ken Safford
 Pure Heaven AA/FA  Jeff Bennett
 Chevy 2 Much AA/FC  Doug Thorley
 Willie Borsch AA/FC  Tommy Thompson
 Iron Mule AA/FD  
 Ewell, Bell & Stecker AA/FD  John Kiley
 Stone Age Man AA/FD  George Hutchenson
 Carpenter & Cardoza  Dominic Cardoza
 Speed Sport A/MR  Kenton Greth
 Hundley & Boggs AA/FD  J. Ed Horton
"Magicar" AA/FD  Jeep Hampshire
 Old Master AA/FD  Pete Eastwood
 Cross, Mann & King J/F  Jerry King
 Ratican, Jackson & Stearns  Ron Stearns
 Wynn's Spoiler AA/FD  Bobby Hansen
 Petersen & Fitz AA/FD  Herman Petersen
 Doss, Clayton & King AA/FD  Wayne King
 Fireside Inn AA/MR  Larry Dixon, Sr.
 Jerry "The King" Ruth AA/FD  Jerry Ruth
 Dailey & Johnson AA/FD  Hank Johnson
 Burkholder Bros. AA/FA  Harry Burkholder
 Freight Train AA/GD  Sam Davis
 Shirley Muldowney Rear engine  
 Big John Mazmanian AA/GS  
 Jungle Jim AA/FC   Ron Huegli


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