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A great part of the Cacklefest show is the pre-fire up parade where the fans get to see the cars and crews up close and personal while getting a verbal history of the car from Dave McClelland. This is also a fun deal for the folks participating in the event. Unlike the CHRR in October, this event does not draw over 100 cacklecars but the ones who do attend are quality pieces.

We present them to you in the order they were presented to the fans.


The first push start car to go down was also the oldest car in the show - the Bronson Special built in the late 40s or early 50s (the actual date is unknown). Original owners grandson, Bill Bronson restored the car and was in it here.




All agree the the Stevens Family "Little Puffer" owned by Rex Stevens was the second oldest car - also 50s. No ID on driver.



The Hilton Family "Hombre" AA/FA.


Bobby Langley, the oldest driver in this Cacklefest, in his recreated Scorpion 1B.





"Cox & Amos" AA/FD restored as last raced in 1975. This would have been one of the very last front engine TF cars and the only one that tried to qualify at the 1975 U.S. Nationals.



The Logghe Stamping Co car - an Al Bergler restoration. John Logghe, son of Gene (who was also present at the event and even sat in the car for a fire up). John runs the Logghe business now with his cousin.




Another car out of the Bergler camp was the Gang Green entry of the late Larry Payne. Ron Bergler was in the seat.



Yet another Bergler restoration is the beautiful "Probe" owned by Ed Golden.


Al Bergler himself, who has become a Cacklefest staple, in the seat of his "More Aggravation" AA/MFC.





Brian Perrenot was back for his second NHRR in the restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C. Third generation Perrenot (Fred's granddaughter) Gretchen was in the seat.




Original driver, Larry Dixon Sr. was once again in the seat of the Smirnoff fueler owned by Joe Joe Passalaqua.





2009 NHRR Honoree Jerry Baltes in his Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD.




Wale & Candies 1963 AA/FD that was restored by the late Pat Foster and owned by Paul "Tugboat" Candies with Bob Fulton (Reb) in the seat.





Jim & Alison Lee "Great Expectations" owned by Brain Beattie and driven by ex-TF shoe Art Marshall.




Bennie "The Wizard" Osborn was in his restored championship car.




Reunion staples are the Barnes & Gladstone "Michigander" AA/FD owned by Bud Barnes and Bob Gladstone. Original and Cacklefest Driver: Bud Barnes.





With Ivo sitting this event out, TF pilot Howard Haight got the seat for Cacklefest.




The Greek was having too much fun in the pits so the seat of the ChiZler V went to 2009 CHRR Honoree, Walt Stevens.






Bob Bilbow in his 1961 Lyndwood Welding Special.




Honorees Leffler Bros. & Loukas AA/FMC with Neil Leffler in the seat.






Don Garlits was on hand with his retro hemi car and was the last push start car to go down.




The self start cars were led off by this Dick Harrell Camaro.



The K.S. Pittman AA/GS car of Rocky Pirrone.


S& S Parts C/G Willis.


Barb Hamilton - a legend in this area of the country - in her record holding gasser.



Raymond Godman's "Tennessee Bo-Weevil" with Steve Gurley in the seat.




Raymond Godman's "Tennessee Bo-Weevil" funny car being towed by its original driver, Preston Davis. No ID on who was in the car for the fire-up.




Stone Woods Cook Corvette gasser.



Flip Flop & Fly altered.



Roland Leong's Hawaiian with Larry Reyes in the seat.



Dom Paris in the Paris twin engine car. Formally a Top Gas car, and most currently raced at the early NHRRs in the now defunct Open Top Fuel class.



The Chevy powered Cupit & Cunnningham fueler with Glenn Cupit's 45 yr old son, Conrad in the seat. Conrad had never seen his Dad's car until that Friday.
He and Glenn's grandson, Jordan, 12, drove in from Charlotte. He was born June 15, 1965 when Glen was racing this very car.



Green Monster 5






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