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A hodgepodge of photos in no particular order that show a small portion of another amazing weekend at The Patch.


In front of the tower on Saturday the Standard 1320 Group had their annual CHRR group photos.



For only the second time there were cackleboats on board. Don Edwards and Barry McCown were on hand with their vintage drag boat fuel hydros and took part in the Sunday static start Cacklefest.






One of the cars making its debut this year was this 1967 SPE car owned by Shawn Fink.



The Bucky Austin camp was a bit sparse this year with only 3 cars.











Whatta ya mean I can't steal this tire?


It's a trick.


Brian Perrenot was back for another CHRR in the restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C.


The Ron Johnson camp featured his Barnstromer and ChiZler V with visits from the Magicar and Hustler VI.





Don Prieto with his Hustler VI.


On Thursday Steve Gibbs and Greg Sharp called a mandatory meeting of all the Cacklefest owners/drivers/crew to lay out how and why things were being done different this year and that failure to adhere had penalties. With only rare exceptions everyone got the message.






After a few years absence, the beautiful Tony Nancy car now owned by John Neas made a welcome appearance.



Cacklefest staple, the Mike Kuhl Woody car.


The Northwest Terror


Hi, I'm Tom and I dabble in tin work.


Filling the very trick primer bottle that sits under the scoop.


Check out the size of that fuel tank. He could drive this sucker into town.



The Yeakel guys had this classic life size reproduction of the Lions sign that was the face of the tower side stands. Very cool.


Jess Tyree's new ride.... no shit.



Glen Cupit and the New Orleans gang had some great Cajun food going all weekend.


The legendary John "Mr. Flathead" Bradley made an appearance after a several year absense.


I swear, this is good stuff!


Warren Walther and Mad Max Romero staked out their spot at the top of the stands early.


If you've been to Famoso you've seen they guy who can do it all, Bill McNatt.


Benny Osborn and Tom Hanna


The ageless Gene Adams




When Dale Pulde wasn't running his funny car he was out delivering nitro.


Why not?


By the end of the weekend most of us never wanted to hear another helicopter - ever. All day everyday there were two of this suckers taking people for 10 minute rides for $25.00. Not a bad deal but they did get on your nerves.


Bob Muravez and John "Tarzan" Austin.


It would be a CHRR without Geno and Harley.




The Museum folks sold out of Cacklefest T-shirts before Sunday - again!



The CHRR marked the debut of the Drag Sport Illustreated CD set and they were well received to say the least. DSI Online




Glenn Cupit, Tom Hanna, Dan Broussard and Don Prieto.


Fill 'em up.


Norm Weekly put his daughter Kelley in the Frantic 4 on Friday.



Rod McCarrell and Byron Stack who owns GasserMadness.com


The new Frantic Ford team.


Orah Mae Millar at her and daughter Robin's DRAGcartoons booth.



Ma Green's sidekick Teresa Caster in the BankAmericar. This was her first CHRR and she's coming back next year.



Pat "Ma" Green and Bob "Floyd" Muravez


The Frantic 4 store was back in its usual spot in The Grove.


It was great to see the Western Mfg. Special back after an 8 year absense. It is a lasting tribute to the guy who restored it, the late Pete Starrett.


Friday afternoon the ChiZler V was loaded onto a flatbed trailer for its trip to the DoubleTree hotel for the Honorees Cacklefest that night.






Ross Howard from Oaklahoma City was randomly selected from the Famoso select seating section for a fire up in John Ewald's Mastercar.




Tony Thacker, Executive Director of the NHRA museum, the lucky guy and John Ewald.

PS. Thanks to Curtis Cook (Bennie Osborn), I got to see my pics on your site this morning, to cool! I am that "lucky guy" listed for getting to cackle your fueler! ha, & man alive, was I ever lucky! My name is Ross Howard & I had driven out for the event, from Okc. Getting to cackle the car was just icing on the cake for this event. The mileage I have gotten from these pics & the tale of getting to cackle your car, has been priceless. Tony & crew from the NHRA were awesome host the whole weekend, as were you guys for allowing me in your car. I even ran into Tony again the following week @ the NHRA Museum. Look forward to seeing everyone again in March (it was 24 degrees this morning) & thank you guys once again ~ Ross


Eddie Buck from Eureka Missouri who owns a genuine original 1970 Jungle Jim Camaro. and Joe "Da Jersy Cop" Welsh who is a certified drag race fan and class A party animal.



How's this for an odd scene in the staging lanes at Famoso?



Just another good lookin' lady in the BankAmericar.



Tom Hanna in the Ivo Barnstormer while Rick McDonald adjusted the barrel valve.


Harry Hibler and Ed Pink


Don Ewald




Dan Kaplan in a ride he can't hurt himself in... maybe.


Art Chrisman and Herm Petersen


The Magicar lit up the pits on Thursday.


What, us worry?


Joe Mondello and Darrell Tedford


And the party is where? Anita Smith, Cynthia Carpenter and Pat Green.


The Speed Sport group doing what they do best.


And what would a major event be without the lovely Linda Vaughan who was signing autographs at the Project 1320 booth.


Lions and Irwindale starter Larry Sutton and Aussie Ross Preen.


Two true pioneers... Chris Karamesines and Red Greth.


Robert Hight was on hand with track and museum sponsor AAA.



Steve Gibbs was on a helmet signing mission.


Kent & Evelyn Fuller


Roger Lee on the memorial bench the Standard 1320 Group commissioned for his beloved wife Julie.


Speaking of the 1320 Group, an annual tradition with this bunch is a Thursday dinner at the DoubleTree loosely organized by Pat "Ma" Green. Great story's for sure.




Jim "Superman" Nicoll



Media Day on Thursday was low key compaired to years past. It was short with no fire ups. Nonetheless, Tony Thacker did a fine job as MC and the cookies were pretty good. Here he is with last years TF champ Rick McGee.



Tom Shelar... not sure why he was there.


Tony with Bakersfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Manager Don Cohen.



Monique Valadez set up camp right there to start issuing Media credentials.


3 guesses.....


If anyone ever tried to figure out how John Ewald tows 2 dragsters in a 28' box trailer here it is. Mario Garcia and Bob Danly have it down to a science.






The reason the event was called....


See ya next year!


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