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Cacklefest - Part 2



























































































Due to the fact the program was over by 7:10 (2 hours earlier than last year) it gave the fans, even the youngest ones, plenty of time to come onto the track to see the cars and meet the crews.



Ron Johnson with a fan.


Ivo in front of a camera... a rare event indeed.


The King


Bob Creitz


Wayne King




Herm Petersen and his new best friend.


John Ewald and Art Carlock


Don Ewald with fan.




Brian Perrenot with his Gizzle Hopper.


The Addict gang.


Jay Carpenter and Dominic "Dom" Cardoza, one of the original Bean Bandits.



Roger Lee and fans.


Pete Eastwood and fans.


Back to the barn.


Roger Lee and Dave Uyehara - "Inside Joke"





Red and the Tucson mafia.



Team Hanna


Untitled Document


Special Holiday Price







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