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Cacklefest Parade Part 2




The 1965 Yeakel Plymouth Special originally owned by Lou Baney and driven by Tom McEwen . Here, co-owner Frank Baney's son Lou Baney drove during the parade but Paul Rossi was in it for the push start.




Nobody has more fun than the Yeakel team. Lundberg took the time to shake hands with Bill Tidwell.



Brian Perrenot was back for another CHRR in the restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C. Third generation Perrenot (Fred's granddaughter) Gretchen was in the seat.




The restored Allison powered car of Art Arfons owned by John Rowley.




Bob Muravez got the seat of Jim Green's "Assassin" which is the only Ford powered cacklecar in action.





Don Ewald in his original seat of the Ewald Bros. BankAmericar.






Jerry King in the Cross-Mann-King -only one of two known Jr. Fuel cacklecars.



The Tony Nancy car now belongs to John Neas, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the Cacklefest he had 2X world champion Benny "The Wizard" Osborn in the seat.






John Ewald in his Mastercar.





Herm Peterson in the seat of his original 1969 Woody car.





Bobby Hansen was back with his Wynns Spoiler.







Gingrass & Dearmore with Alan Webb in the seat.



John Rasmussen got the seat of the Creitz & Donovan car this year.




Div. 6 standout Frank Hall was in Jerry Ruth's 1970 car.






Original driver Walt Stevens in the seat of The Poachers.





Jerry "The King" Ruth chose to fire his full bodied 1968 car.



The Pesek and Lucas - Hustlers Car Club AA/FD, owned by Bruce Bartlett of Las Vegas, Nevada. It's an original SPE / Roy Fjastad car that had been stashed away for over 37 years.





The irrepressible "TV Tommy" Ivo in Ron Johnson's recreation of the Ivo Barnstormer.






Hank Johnson in the 1971 Johnson & Daily restored by Bucky Austin.





The ageless Gary "Red" Greth in his 1958 Speed Sport "Ol Noisy".






Dave West in his Beebe & Mulligan car. Recreation by Pat Foster.




For the 10th straight year Carl Olson was in the seat of Mike Kuhl's car which is one of the 9 original Cacklefest cars from 2000.





Jeep Hampshire in his original ride - the car that is credited with starting the Cacklefest phenomenon, Bill Pitts' Magicar.





Engine builder Rick McDonald was in the seat of Ron Johnson's ChiZler V recreation.





Another of the original 9 is the Anderson Family "Vagabond" with Jessica Anderson at the controls.





Yet another of the first 9 is the Howard Cams Rattler and 1981 Indy Top Fuel Champion Johnny Abbott had the 2010 seat.




Swamp Rat 3 is the only Garlits car that is ever displayed that is not now owned by Garlits himself. Don recreated this car for his long-time friend, Sonny Messner from Acton, CA.




The last car in the 2010 parade was that of Grand Marshall Tom Hanna.







The parade was ended with a tribute to the Masters Dragliner and Mickey Thompson.


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