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Just one of the significant changes this year with the program was manditory practice push starts for anyone who had never done it before or anyone in a car they had not previously push started. This led to more "previews" for the fans.


The first car on the track period was Tom Hanna on Thursday.






On Friday, under the radar, Roger Lee fullfilled his beloved wife Juile's final wish by putting her ashes in the chute of his cacklecar. Julie was one of four souls that were put to rest over the weekend. The others were Pete Starrett, Chris Martin and Paul Ruiz.






The unmistable Macicar making sure last years no start wouldn't happen again.






Every year Dave West does practice start and burnout in his Beebe & Mulligan tribute car and gets better every time.












The restored Allison powered car of Art Arfons owned by John Rowley. The pink Cadillac worked here but unfortunately died on the topend Saturday night for Cacklefest.






Nostalgia A/F standout John Rasmussen got his first cacklefest seat in the Creitz & Donovan car.






Jessica Anderson was back in the seat of the Anderson Family "Vagabond".







Paul Rossi checking out the Yeakel Plymouth Spec.





No ID on this car but this was its first Cacklefest. The car was found in a midwest barn, updated to run NE-1 then parked and restored to its original configuration.





Bob Hirsch in his tribute reproduction of the Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda". Bob had a mishap last year and wanted to be sure everyone was on the same page this time around.






Don Prieto did some practice and for sure won the best push car award.







Jay Carpenter was in Ken Blackmore's Poison Ivy.




Tom McIntyre in his Weiss & Larkin AA/GD.




Pete Eastwood gave his Old Master its first test.



Gordy Bonin was having a ball in the first car he ever drove that was restored by Sinclair and Fjal




Johnny Abbott got his first push start in the Howard Cams Rattler.





Bobby Hansen in his restored "Wynn's Spoiler".




One of its original drivers, Tom Toler was in The Addict.


Dave Uyehara in the Raynor & Herbert car.



Cameron Ferre gets his first push start in The Poachers.





Cameron Ferre in The Poachers


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